Monday, June 20, 2005

You Gotta Try This Place: The Third Dimension

I ate nothing interesting today. But I'll be damned if I didn't GO somewhere worth mentioning today. For lunch, we went into the Third Dimension. Ever try it?

Oh it's quite an experience when you go outside into the world and you think the flow of life is going to be moving smoothly but somehow something is just a little off. My friends and I were simply going to the mall to eat our home-brought lunches (something we do often to escape the workplace). Or so we thought.

It took us half an hour to drive about 4 miles because there were kids everywhere. At first I thought it must have been a short day at the local high school, but the amount of kids out on the street was abnormally high today. These were not regular high school kids, but rather mutant teenage zombies roaming the streets and looking to multiply. We feared our lives so we took a detour and thankfully we were able to escape without a bruise.

Then at a the mall we saw
Mario Van Peebles. (Self-explanatory)

Then when we were leaving the mall there were two mid- to late-twentysomething women practicing
Britney Spears-type dance moves in the parking lot. With a kid on the sidelines playing his Gameboy.

You gotta try this place. It'll be like no other experience you've ever had.

Third Dimension
No specific address, it'll find you.
Anywhere, USA 00000


elmomonster said...

I, too, have noticed an inordinate amount of teeny boppers out milling about. School must be out for the summer...

Kirk said...

Pam - You sure it wasn't the "Twilight Zone" - queue up music - do-do-dodo-do-do-dodo...LOL! And yes school seems to be out! And it's going to be tourist hell here in San Diego soon!!!!