Sunday, June 12, 2005

Menu Psychology

Having decided to spend a weekend night in to save money and to catch up on some much needed veging out, we decided to order in from our usual Thai delivery place, Authentic Thai. Now we've ordered from these guys several times before, and we always order the usual, pad thai, chili garlic fried rice and some curry dish, so needless to say, I've never really loooooked at the menu. But tonight I felt that maybe it was time to diversify, try something new, and explore the unknown territory of Authentic Thai. So I went into my stuffed to the max menu drawer and dug theirs out.

OK,, too much food. Salad...just had some for Then we came to the next section: "Excellent Curries." Allright, so these people are obviously proud of their food to be boasting that it's excellent. I've tried a few of these, and they're not bad. They're not excellent, but they're not bad. But I'll give it to them for effort; they're just trying to lure people in.

Still wanting to try something different, I read on to the next section, only to find this...

So let me get this straight. They have "excellent" curries, but only "reasonable" house specials. I wondered if they were speaking relatively--that the house specials were just OK, not quite as good as their curries. But that would be culinary suicide, so perhaps they meant something else. Maybe they meant "reasonable," as opposed to "unreasonable." Yeah, that's it. These house specials must possess sound judgement and won't make rash decisions or start arguing with you at the drop of a hat.

Which is why we ended up ordering the usual pad thai, rice, and excellent curry. 'Cause we're unreasonable.


elmomonster said...

LOL! This, evidently, seems to be a uniquely Thai thing to do in naming a restaurant. We were in Rotorua, New Zealand a few months ago, and ate at a restaurant called "Amazing Thai".

Granted it brought us in the door, thinking "Okay buster, let's see how 'amazing' you think you are!" Should have been called "Can't-Possibly-Live-Up-To-Your-Expectations Thai", at least then, I would've tipped them extra for making me laugh.

sarah said...

omg - same goes for all the chinese restaurants in west l.a. BEST CHINESE. that totally makes me want to eat there - lol!

Kirk said...

Nobody, but nobody beats Pho' King on Valley in Rosemead....I want to eat there, just on principle!