Friday, June 03, 2005

Trying To Find Happiness At Happy Hour: Burbank Bar & Grill

There were lots of reasons to be happy today. If not for me, then at least for some of my friends and coworkers. It was my friend's birthday, for one. Secondly, it was my coworker's last day at the rat maze. And finally, it's Friday and the weekend's here! Lots of reasons to celebrate, as you can see, so we set out to find happiness at happy hour once again.

My friend suggested
Burbank Bar & Grille, a local *what else* bar and grill on Burbank's newly revitalized San Fernando Road. Seemed reasonable enough: it's close to work and pretty central to where the 8 of us would be driving home to. And more importantly, happy hour at Burbank Bar and Grille lasts 'til 7pm!

The place wasn't hip or fancy by any means (after all, it's Burbank); it was filled with other boring office drones just like us looking to drink away a tough week of office slavery. But it was no-nonsense, which was great. Who wants a complicated happy hour, right? We were already dazed enough. We needed no rules, no crowds, no long waits, no complicated parking and this place gave it to us.

Burbank Bar and Grille's happy hour menu is pretty basic. Discounted drinks: $3 Coors Lite and single well drinks, $4 imported drafts, and $5 Stoli martinis. And a few discounted appetizers: $3 quesadilla, $3.50 potato skins, an $4.50 pizza margherita and chicken nachos. A pretty good value, I must say. My cosmo, for 5 bucks, was decent: not too watered down nor too strong and also made with Stoli, my favorite cheap vodka. The food wasn't bad considering it cost next to nothing. The potato skins were good--crispy on the outside with fluffy potato on the inside, sporting an ooey-gooey layer of cheddar cheese and topped with crisp, salty bacon bits. The quesadilla was decent; the tortillas were grilled nicely, crispy but not rock hard. Again more ooey-gooey cheese, which on the quesadilla, tasted good only when it was first brought out. Let it sit and all you get is an oily, rubbery mess. The chicken nachos, however, left something to be desired. These tasted like someone threw some salsa, cheese and chicken chunks into a heap of Tostitos and microwaved it. Oh well, it was only $4.50.

This was a mess

I wouldn't have spent my money at this place regular price, but at happy hour, the bill was only 10 bucks per person for drinks, okay food and a whole lotta laughs. So yes, this happy hour was indeed happy.

Burbank Bar and Grille
112 N. San Fernando Rd.
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 848-9611

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Anonymous said...

Best Happy Hours are Pomodoro (cheap!)until 7pm, and Kabuki (only til 6pm though). Gordon Biersch, Elephant Bar and Market City all have happy hours too.