Saturday, August 11, 2007

Food Of The Conchords: So Hot They're Like A Curry

Folk-comedy duos from New Zealand who make me laugh my ass off are pretty cute. Folk-comedy duos from New Zealand who make me laugh my ass off AND who have subtle-but-recurring food themes on their HBO show The Flight Of The Conchords are mother flipping hot.

After only eight 30-minute episodes that have aired thus far, I've heard about
talking stoves, animated racist dragons that cry jelly bean tears, Chinese roast duck, samosas, Muesli, lasagna for one, a girl so hot she's like a curry, buying kebabs for a girl who's so beautiful she could be a part-time model, girls and spaghetti, and best of all, croissants and wingmen. It's confirmed: I have a major geeky-crush on these guys. They make me want to do my hair into a flip, throw on my favorite shift dress and go have a carefree picnic in the park followed by a glittery night out at the discotheque.

Don't you wish all trips to le supermarché were this fun?

Flight Of The Conchords
Sundays at 10:30pm , HBO.

(photos--from left to right, top to bottom--courtesy of :, New York Apple Country, Barilla,, HBO,, Whisk and Pin, Daily Gluttony, Daily Gluttony, Marions Kochbuch, Dominik Hundhammer via,, Recipes4us, Kansas State University Animal Sciences & Industry, Oregon State University Food Resource, All Creatures)