Saturday, August 11, 2007

Food Of The Conchords: So Hot They're Like A Curry

Folk-comedy duos from New Zealand who make me laugh my ass off are pretty cute. Folk-comedy duos from New Zealand who make me laugh my ass off AND who have subtle-but-recurring food themes on their HBO show The Flight Of The Conchords are mother flipping hot.

After only eight 30-minute episodes that have aired thus far, I've heard about
talking stoves, animated racist dragons that cry jelly bean tears, Chinese roast duck, samosas, Muesli, lasagna for one, a girl so hot she's like a curry, buying kebabs for a girl who's so beautiful she could be a part-time model, girls and spaghetti, and best of all, croissants and wingmen. It's confirmed: I have a major geeky-crush on these guys. They make me want to do my hair into a flip, throw on my favorite shift dress and go have a carefree picnic in the park followed by a glittery night out at the discotheque.

Don't you wish all trips to le supermarché were this fun?

Flight Of The Conchords
Sundays at 10:30pm , HBO.

(photos--from left to right, top to bottom--courtesy of :, New York Apple Country, Barilla,, HBO,, Whisk and Pin, Daily Gluttony, Daily Gluttony, Marions Kochbuch, Dominik Hundhammer via,, Recipes4us, Kansas State University Animal Sciences & Industry, Oregon State University Food Resource, All Creatures)


Anonymous said...

I love how in almost every scene in the apartment, Jemaine is eating.

Anonymous said...

i love these guys! so brilliant. the last episode i saw was the racist indian guy one where he wouldn't sell them vegetable. more food theme!h

unrepeatable said...

amazing. amazing. amazing.

i wish i had more to say, but i don't have hbo. i should look into that.

Anonymous said...

Awesome show. So unlike anything else on the tube too.

One Food Guy said...

That video is hysterical!

Oishii Eats said...

I looove Flight of The Conchords! All I've seen are youtube clips. I think it's about time I upgrade some HBO.

It's business time!

Chubbypanda said...

Hey, "If you're into it." =D

Anonymous said...

It's business. It's business time.

Business hours are over, baby.

Daily Gluttony said...


haha, you're right!

hey susan,

that episode was great! remember when they sang mother uckers? i love when they sing the part about how they won't sell an apple to a kiwi.

hey unrepeatable!

haha, that would be so funny if i heard you got hbo just for the show! they ARE coming back for a 2nd season you know...


yup, so true!

one food guy,

isn't it hilarious? i've watched it at least 20 times! it's especially funny if you've ever taken french (or any language for that matter) it's full of those cheesy phrases you'd find in your french textbook.

hey j!

business time rocks! well I think HBO is worth it, but hopefully their dvd will come out soon. i'd be first in line to buy it. LOL!

hey cp,

actually, that song mentions food too! something about "getting lewd with the food"? LOL!

guilty carnivore,

did you wear your business socks?

Chubbypanda said...

Yep. That's why I posted it. =b

Karen said...

they are so adorable <3

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