Thursday, June 02, 2005

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch...

...if you drop your business card into the little box at Baja Fresh and they happen to draw your name in their weekly lunch drawing.

Except it was Isaac, not me. So we decided to make a dinner date out of it tonight as the Baja Fresh manager who called him to tell him he'd won the drawing said he had until Saturday to come in. He redeemed his prize, choosing the Steak Bare Burrito Bowl and a large drink, and the girl behind the counter with the tattooed eyebrows and lipliner gave me a weird look when I went Cheap-Chinese on him and asked under my breath why he hadn't gone for something a little more expensive. (I think the most expensive items were only a buck or two more, but it's free, so you have to make every penny count right? My parents taught me well.) We ordered my food separately, two Baja Fish Tacos with beans and rice, which cost a little over 7 bucks.

As we were at the location on Sunset and Vine, there would undoubtedly be free entertainment via people-watching! Tonight's lineup was a group of about ten rocker-alternative dudes in their mid-20's, all dressed in some sort of black shirt and black pants or shorts, pierced and tattooed, who you know make an effort to look that way to be "different," but funny enough, put 'em all together and they look the same. And then there were the teenage skanks with Jonbenet-esque hair and makeup, wearing ass-crack jeans and platforms, trying to get everyone's attention by what they thought were sexy airs--hair twirls, etc. Some of the rocker-alternative dudes were actually checking out the pre-pubescent ho's. I guess you had to be there, but it was absolute comedy.

But then we decided to roam around Borders bookstore afterwards and we passed our 1 hour free with validation timeframe, so we ended up paying $2 for parking. That means we actually shelled out about 10 bucks tonight for our uninspiring Mexican fast food meal. Maybe it wasn't much of a free lunch after all, but with the circus-quality entertainment, it was well worth the trip.