Sunday, June 26, 2005

How To Handle Sunday Morning Dog Food Cravings

Picture this: You live downtown and it's early Sunday morning. You're starving and craving an "American" breakfast with eggs, toast, potatoes & stuff. Your kitchen is devoid of anything you can cook for this breakfast, and you don't feel like driving out of downtown to the nearest grocery store just to have to come back and cook. You start thinking of the few places downtown that serve the kind of breakfast you're looking for and are actually open on a Sunday...The Pantry, Phillipes, Denny's, IHOP. You think, "Nah." Then you realize you're also craving... food.

What do you do?

Well, you drive to House of Pies in Los Feliz, silly! And then you order the corned beef hash and eggs breakfast where they serve the hash straight outta the can. Yup, no distracting chunks of onions or bell peppers or stuff like that mixed up with dry stringy corned beef and potatoes. Just nice, processed corned beef mixed with the tiniest, most uniformly cubed potatoes grilled to a perfect crisp at the edges and left kinda mushy on the inside. And then you eat your human Kal-Kan with your buttered toast, eggs, shredded hashbrowns and a few dashes of ketchup.

And then you go back downtown happy, but ready to crawl back into bed again.

House of Pies (where they serve the canned stuff!)
1869 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


elmomonster said...

Love that canned stuff.

I go through the economy sized packages at Costco within one week.

Kirk said...

Pam - You're "talkin" to a kid from Hawaii - I always thought that Corned Beef only came in cans up until I was 20 or so....BTW, though the canned stuff is good, my dogs won't even eat this stuff - go figure!

ganda said...

ohmygodarah, canned corned beef hash is DEEEEEEE-RICIOUS!

condiment said...

Canned corned beef hash? Your body is a temple. Say it isn't so!

Or better, try an order of corned beef hash at the Grill in Beverly Hills sometime, which is ambrosia itself. A pot of coffee, a dry martini - it goes with anything. You will never shake hands with Dinty Moore again.

BBQ Junkie said...
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BBQ Junkie said...

Corned beef hash is good when it's done right, but it can be downright disgusting when it's not.

Third Aly said...

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