Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kiss This

So we were minding our own business as we were eating dinner at Chinatown's Sam Woo BBQ (story on that later), when I was suddenly distracted by a couple sitting across the way--a couple sitting on the same side of the table. Uh huh, one of those couples. One would feed the other one a bite of food, then *smooch!* then another bite of food, then a sickening smile, then *smooch!* and so on and so on. They were holding hands and had to awkwardly turn towards each other to have any sort of conversation. Of which I guess there was none since they were busy kissing between bites most of the time.

Is it just me or is that fucking annoying?

*Eh* Why should I care anyways. Maybe they're happy and in love and I should be happy for them.


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