Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Porto's Bakery & Cafe, Part One: For He...No Wait, To Go

Those of you who know me well know that I don't eat alone in public. Well, it's not that I don't; it's more like I can't. Yup, I've got issues. OK, that'll be a post for another day, but anyways...

I took the day off today so I went to the Silverlake/Glendale area to run some much needed errands: car wash, Trader Joes, etc. Craving a Cuban sandwich, I decided to go to Porto's Bakery & Cafe where I could satisfy my craving and pick up a few desserts to take home. Not nearly as packed as on the weekends, I went over to the bakery side first to pick up some pastries and desserts, and then I got into the cafe line, which was probably about 5 people deep and thought, "I can do this. It won't be that bad." I was rehearsing the lines in my head. Miss, would you like that for here or to go? And I would answer, For here. 5,4,3,2,1...then it was my turn.

And I totally flinched.

-Can I help you?
-Yes, a medianoche sandwich please.
-For here or to go?
-Um, for he...no wait, to go.

I am totally chicken shit. I stood there a few minutes and waited, they gave me my bag and I slid out silently. Back home to LA I go to eat my sandwich.

Portos's sandwiches aren't the best Cuban sandwiches I've ever tasted. I've had better, but I was in the area and it did satisfy my Cuban sandwich craving...roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mayo and mustard pressed together in a toasted sweet roll. My punishment for not eating there by myself??? Apparantly the to-go sandwiches don't come with their Maraquitas, homemade plantain chips that I've had with the same sandwich when I've eaten there with someone else.

Medianoche Sandwich from Porto's On My OWN Plate

I have an idea now. One of these days when I get up the courage, I'll actually eat somewhere by myself and report on it in this blog. I'm open to suggestions as to
where, I just won't tell you when I'm going. I'm afraid you'll show up there just to laugh at me.

Porto's Bakery and Cafe
315 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 956-5996


dwg said...

ok, i'll bite--what the hell is the deal here, and how do you manage a blog of this magnitude NEVER EATING OUT ALONE?


Daily Gluttony said...

I manage...I have the BF and friends that I drag along with me. Or I take it to go. =P

Anonymous said...

You need to get yourself a book holder from Borders (near the bookmarks and cups etc.) and bring a book with you. Then you will have something to do other than stress about being alone and might find the joy of eating out alone. It is one of my favorite things. I really wish you luck with this. Now stand up shake your shoulders loose then pull them back and down, stick out your chin and march out to the nearest eatery and enjoy yourself!!!!!