Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Favorite Down-On-My-Luck Foods

Today I had to shell out over 800 bucks to get the A/C and radiator in my car fixed. That's alot of damn money...I mean, do you know how many things you can do with 800 bucks??? That's like 25 meals out for me and Isaac, or 8 pairs of shoes, or 3 Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixers, or 2 Dyson vaccuums, or over 3 years worth of Netflix subscriptions. I could go on and on...

I'm lucky that I have 800 bucks right now 'cause there was a time back in the day when I didn't. Don't lie, you know you've been there too. Remember those college days? When you ate Top Ramen for a week straight? My college roommates and I once got our grub on with a box of lasagna Hamburger Helper and a pot of rice. So I can't help it if I instinctually shift into survival gear when I have to fork out a wad of money like, say, 800 bucks.

I therefore started to search the depths of my mind to come up with a list of my favorite Down-On-My-Luck foods. This is what I came up with:

1) Fried Spam with rice
2) Nong Shim brand chajung-myun (packaged Korean style Chinese noodles with black bean sauce--about 70 cents each)
3) Rice and furikake (seaweed, bonito, and sesame sprinkles...about $3 a bottle but a little goes a long way)
4) PB&J sandwiches
5) Budget Gourmet microwavable dinners (but ONLY when they're on sale for $1 each at Vons)
6) Shrimp-flavored egg noodles (about $2 for a bag of 10 dried servings at Chinese markets) with a little soy sauce and sesame oil.
7) Spaghetti (with whatever sauce is on sale)
8) Bean burritos (You buy a fat stack of corn tortillas and a can of refried beans and it's on baby!)
9) Mac & Cheese (Trader Joes now has that white cheddar stuff , but I'm talkin' about that fluorescent nuclear shit)
10) Potato anything (It's 5 pounds for only a couple bucks--you can have a field day. Just don't use expensive ingredients with them.)

There. Now you have it. You can even print it out and have it laminated on a little card that you keep in your wallet so you can have easily-accessible cheap meal ideas the next time you're flat broke. You'll thank me one day.

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