Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A.D.D. sucks

I was so frazzled from my 11am meeting today that I decided to ditch the leftover spaghetti marinara and salad that I brought from home and tag along with my office mates to In-and-Out Burger. (This time, NO shake--I learned my lesson yesterday) We have these stupid monthly Task-Force meetings where I normally have to update the group on a stupid subcommittee that I run. I totally knew what I had to talk about but I was experiencing such bad A.D.D. today that I found myself freezing in the middle of it and the words were coming out of my mouth all erratically and shit. I'm blaming this one guy, this pasty, chunky weirdo who works in one of the other departments because he's one of those people who always gives you this puzzled look when you talk to them. Not only that but I noticed how his shirt collar was too tight and making his neck ooze out over the collar. It was like, "OK, so we are currently running this process to...Fuck! Stop looking like a freak, you fucker! OK, Pam, you have to focus. FOCUS, God Dammit! And, uh, so anyways, what we are doing is..." He's sooo not invited anymore.

Totally unrelated: Have you ever seen that new Burger King commercial with the guy that wakes up and opens his blinds to find this scary ass guy wearing a king costume and a serial-killer plastic king mask standing there staring at him? Ok, if I opened my window and saw some freak standing there I'd have a full on heart attack. Stupid commercial. Why would that make me go buy breakfast sandwiches?

Looks like I'll be having spaghetti marinara with salad for dinner. Again.

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Catherine said...

I have A.D.D. too: Asian Driving Disorder. Being part Chinese, my boyfriend tells me to drive with one hand. Which I don't mind, I use the other hand to flip him the bird.