Saturday, April 09, 2005

My To-Do List

Things that I want to do this weekend:
1) Go to Trader Joes to buy my daily staple, Zen Bakery bran muffins. Blueberry and Apple Cranberry are my favorites. Someday I'll get up off my ass and make my own, but for now I need to get my fiber from somewhere.
2) Go to Costco to buy bottled water and toilet paper. (total necessities)
3) Clean my apartment floor using my favorite new toy, the Dyson. The Porsche of vacuum cleaners, I call it, that thing kicks ass. I recently heard a rumor that James Dyson, its inventor, was knighted by the Queen of England. Geez, England must be one helluva dirty country.
4) Clean up the stack of papers on my desk.
5) Make a pot of Chicken Curry

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