Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's all related...

Food is my life. Always has been, always will be. So I'm starting this blog as a tribute to my favorite indulgence. It's not a restaurant review blog nor is it a recipe blog (though it will definitely contain elements of the two) but rather an account of how my daily (and often mundane) life revolves around food. It could be the obvious, you know, like what I ate, how it tasted, where I went to eat. But more often than that, it's the whole experience around it, such as the whole mindset behind deciding what to eat, things that I saw while trying to get to the grocery store (because my WHOLE day revolved around that Trader Joes trip, you know...), things I thought or talked about during dinner, how my meal made me feel afterwards, etc.

Take today, for instance. I brought my lunch from home for the second time in a row this week because I'm supposed to be saving money. So I sat in my brown-tinged cubicle in my brown-tinged office building that has no windows (yes, NO windows!) eating a turkey & sharp cheddar bagel sandwich and salt-and-pepper Kettle Chips. I needed something more. Something sweet but not necessarily "chunky"...more like liquid satisfaction with the added bonus of going outside and seeing the sun. Coffee? No, the caffeine would fuck me up. Boba Tea from Boba Bar? No, don't want to deal with Laurel Canyon and Ventura traffic. Ooh, ooh, I know!!! A chocolate shake from In-and-Out Burger! So in my car I go.

I'm driving, driving, and BAM! "But Pam", I tell myself, "youre fucking LACTOSE INTOLERANT!" So instead of turning on Lankershim towards In-and-Out, I keep going...towards Target to pick up some Lactase pills. I get back in the car after buying a 60-count box of Target brand Lactase dietary supplements for like 8 bucks and whiz off to get what I originally came for, the fucking chocolate shake. Yeah, it did hit the spot, but perhaps in more ways than I had hoped 'cause now I have the worst case of gas ever and I still have over an hour to go at work. I guess the pills didn't work this time.

Oh well, maybe dinner will be more promising.

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Douglas Cress said...

Dear DG -

I apologize for getting in touch with you this way - I couldn't find an email (hence the comment, which I’ve tried to place off the beaten path).

I came across your site while working on a Los Angeles version of BlogSoop. I launched in New York last month and in SF a few weeks ago. (It looks like you're no stranger to data entry. It feels like that's all I do lately, perhaps we're kindred souls in that respect.)

BlogSoop compiles blogger restaurant reviews into a searchable restaurant database. I was hoping to incorporate your restaurant reviews into the LA version.

I want to make sure people are comfortable with the idea. Feel free to drop me a note with any questions or concerns. I'm happy to explain everything in greater detail. My email is linked off my blogger profile. Doug

also, cool t-shirt :)