Monday, October 17, 2005

With Love From Puerto Rico

Some people, when their fiancé comes back from Puerto Rico, get a t-shirt that says "My Fiancé Went To Puerto Rico And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt." Not me. When my fiancé comes back from Puerto Rico, I get two huge bags full of delicious, thinly cut, crispy, and lightly salted plantain chips made from scratch by an old family friend--apparantly some really ornery old lady who says to Isaac: "You want me to make the damn plantain chips??? Well then you gotta drive me to the store." Now that's love.


LACheesemonger said...

You know Pam, you have "an extraodinarily attractive" set of hands & fingers ;-)...sorry, I couldn't resist. Aaaawwh, I'm hurt. You didn't tell me Issac was out of town recently; think of all the hanky-panky (oh ya, and gluttony too) we could have indulged in!

Yeah, I know, I said I'd get rid of the irritating avatar; but the wacky retro-disco grrrl, Sarah; made me switch back/'do it again'... Abba! Oops, I did it again-Spears makes me sick too ;-)

Back to perfecting the 'crying Korean guy soap-opera look' avatar...sooon.

Daily Gluttony said...

LA Cheeeze,

Thanks but I have Man Hands. Hahahahahahaha