Friday, October 21, 2005

Here's Something To Keep You Awake: Free Coffee or Tea at Peet's

I don't really know why, but maybe just because they're cool,
Peet's Coffee and Tea in Studio City is offering a free cup of tea or regular coffee every day in the month of October from 1-3 pm.

I know you only have a week or so to take advantage of this special offer, but I just found out myself! I had my money out and ready to go for the cup of oolong tea I'd ordered when I was informed of this wonderful offer by my friendly barista. No purchase necessary, no strings attached whatsoever. So, instead of going into the till, my cash went straight into the tip jar.

I'm not sure every Pete's location is in on this, or if it's just the Studio City one--I know your ghetto ass wants free coffee and all, but don't tell them "Pam from Daily Gluttony said I can get free coffee so cough it up." And don't forget to tip your baristas!


MEalCentric said...

Everything tastes better when its free. I've noticed Peete's has this type of promotion on a fairly regular basis. A few months ago it was their anniversary or something and it was free coffee all weekend, a few months prior to that, there was another occasion for free coffee. Strange business plan, but I aint complaining!

Daily Gluttony said...


Yes, everything does taste better when it's free, huh? I think you mentioned this about Costco stuff before. It tastes great in the store when you get your free sample, and then when you buy it & cook it yourself at home, it doesn't taste as great anymore!