Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Learn Something New Everyday!: Nem Chua Dac Biet

Actually, I didn't know what it was until my friend told me. We drove out to
Bahn Mi My Tho the other day for bahn mi and while we were there, she picked a pack of these up. She pulled these out when we were using the Alhambra Costco picnic table area to eat our sandwiches.

OK Pam, you gotta sound the letters out. "Nem-Chua-Nha-Trang-Dac-Biet...uh, what is it?"

"It's a pickled meat sausage," she said.

"Oh OK. Can I try one?"

Tart and garlicky, snappy in texture and dotted with a sliced garlic clove and chili to add a bit more kick, these little things are pretty darn good.

I found out later that the little buggers are simply called "Nem Chua," the "Dac Biet" part meaning "special", and the "Nha Trang" part being the brand/maker/whatever. What? It's not like I can read Vietnamese!


Kirk said...

Hi Pam - I've seen these, but have never been brave enough to try them! Thanks for clearing things up for me.....I'll be sure to try them soon!

elmomonster said...

Must. Resist. Making. Inappropriate. Comment.

Seriously, that's a "meat-sicle" if I ever saw one! I think I've tried these, but I'm used to seeing them in squares, not so much in tubular form.

Stuff these in a baguette and we've got a sandwich for the ages!

Kirk said...

Hmmm, Elmo + Meatsicle + Baguette = ????????? LOL!

BoLA said...

Wow...that's a whole lotta meat on one stick! At first, I was thinking to myself...what the heck is that big white chunk in that pink thing? I totally thought it was ice cream at first. LOL. Anyhow, I love garlic but don't know if I'd be brave enough to eat it like that. heehee!

sarah said...

elmo may resist the naughty comment, but i cannot. oh, ok, i won't spell anything out, but EVERYONE IS THINKING IT, TOO!!!


you're so hilarious pam. i wonder what THEY thought YOU were thinking when you took pictures.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

pam, does it taste really raw? like kirk, i wimped out on this. the most i'll eat is the charbroiled pork on sugar cane sticks.

Daily Gluttony said...

LOL! OK all you guys are so funny!

First the used condom at Bo 7 Mon and now the meatsicles? Man, get my mind outta the gutter!!!

Oh, and to answer pretty much the only "sane" comment here, DYLAN, they don't taste really raw. It's kinda like eating a vinegary, garlicky vienna sausage but w/ a snappier texture.

I'm still cracking up from all your comments!!!

LACheesemonger said...

Geez, what is it with you guys? Some one-track minds here....maybe everyone's been reading too much of DL's food pr0n mindset then, heh. See this is exactly why I wouldn't want to go to the farmer's markets with DL; she'd prolly have this odd/wicked smile on her face while she 'handled' (uhh, fondled...or stroked, lol) the larger carrots, zucchini, dried sausages, cucumbers, or Japanese eggplant.

I mean, what imaginations! Anything remotely cylindrical in shape is automatically reduced to it's most base form of phallic reference... at least the Chia greens actually resemble such an oral 'edifice'.

I took one look at that package of meats Pam's got there at Costco's plastic tables and was wondering what the oblong white things were...too much garlic for may tastes (chili pepper was easy to recognize), but cloves are usually a bit more round on shape.

Seriously, what a bunch of 'girlie mon'! Let's go to that most 'authentic' (LOL, 'modern HK tastes') of bloggers from HK- Cha Xui Bao , for the absolutely hilarious 'wine tasting' style of notes about the 'real deal'. Ok, now this is where my current avatar comes into play...don't click on the link and read this 'review' if you're at all squeamish. Hehe; yeah I know, I'm demented... but hey, it's not my blog; Chaxuibao is a riot. Quote: "Panel's verdict in plain English: a slow death...", LMAO ;-)

Then again, since the topic here is pork, how's about the genuine pork article then? Don't you just love the French!... waste not, want not

MEalCentric said...

Yeah whats up with you and vietnamese food porn? I am so heading out to westminster this weekend to give one of these a try. Wish they werent so pink so, kind of offputting for a meat product (like SPAM).

Christine D. said...

I was reading your blog today in class, and when i saw these pictures loading i immediately knew what they were, but i was so scared that the people behind me would think that i was looking at porn that i closed the browser! haha.

Yeah i usually see these in a square-ish form. It seems that everyone else in my family can eat a lot of these, but I usually only take a bite and eat the piece of garlic. These things smell REALLY good too.

Daily Gluttony said...

LA Cheesemonger,

The white things were garlic, but they were sliced lengthwise, making 'em more long in shape.


Ha ha--I KNOW!! What's wrong with me? Let me know what you think if you ever go get some of these. And take a picture, I's like to see your pictoral interpretation of these! LOL!


OMG! I would have died laughing if someone actually thought it was porn!!! I've never seen these in squarish form, but then again, i've never seen these before--period. Maybe those would have looked more tame? ha ha

Anonymous said...

FYI, i am a Vietnamese, and the NEM CHUA (Vietnamese sour/fermented pickled pork "salami")you've eaten is a PALE shadow of the real thing in VN. The authentic one must made from fresh 100% lean pork, minced to a smooth paste consistency, with added shredded (cooked) pork skin, spices, slides of garlic, cracked pepper, wrapped in Vong leaves (sorry i do not know the botanical name for it, then wrapped in banana leaves. The leaves impart unique NEM CHUA flavors that is impossible to imitate. Try the authentic ones if you ever visit VN, and you will see that I am right.
As with Salami, it uses the same concept, and quite safe to eat. The garlic slides complement the flavor, as the pepper in pepperoni, and give protection against gastroenteritis, in a traditionally hot climes of Asia.

Elizabeth said...

I loveeeee Nem. In fact, I just finished my last one except mine was from Bale. I think you live near my area because I know all the places you talk about except this Viet place. I will try to go there this weekend :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OmG - Either I'm pregnant or just deprieved - but lately I crave this little sour vietnamese sausage!! I can't get enough of it! My onl gripe is why do they package it so bite size??? There's only 2 bites max!! My mom use to make this - homemade but now since she's became a vegetarian there's no more Nem chua for me :(
Does anyone makes this in NYC???

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