Monday, October 03, 2005

When You're Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired: Nong Shim's Chajung-Myun

I'm pooped.

I went up to the bay this weekend to visit the folks, and though it was a nice visit as always, I haven't had a chance to rest. A one hour wait at the airport and a one hour flight full of scary-ass Raiders fans later, I was finally back in LA last night feeling like crap. Doesn't seem like much, but it certainly does drain a person (those Raiders fans weren't helping either, trust me). Then it was off to bed to start yet another dreadful work week.

It's Monday evening now and I am determined to get some rest, so I'll keep this post short. It's days like this that cause me to keep a case of Nong Shim brand Chajung-Myun in the pantry. Just boil up the thick noodles and the dehydrated veggie pack (consists of dried carrots and some green stuff that I can't identify) 'til al dente, drain off all but a little of the water, and then mix in the instant coffee-looking black bean sauce mix. Oh yes, it is very much laden with MSG, but very tasty at the same time. It's an instant, yet very substantial meal that costs less than a dollar--add some kimchee and you're set. Um, just try not to eat it every day, OK?

Available at your local Korean--or other Asian--grocery store. (Or even Vons if you're near K-town...just beware of unnecessary price hikes!)


Kirk said...

Hey Pam - I just did the Jajang Myun - it actually looked the same - tarry sauce, thick noodles, and the dehydrated, sorry I can't call them veggies.....but forgot the kimchee, but added tsukemono. I'm thinking the Korean Noodles are overtaking everybody else.....Was fine in a pinch!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Nong Shim is the official food manufacturer for night time munchies. seriously, if i'm perusing the instant noodle aisles (gong jai mein), i'm looking for Nong Shim. They powerpack their products. Like you said, MSG, fake veggies (makes cup o' noodle look over-generous) and some food-flavored sauce. have you had their udon? it's so good with an egg in it. looks like this...

but with a styrofoam bowl. almost $2.75 a bowl. cheap, yet not cheap in the instant noodle world.

yoony said...

ooh yum! i used to eat these a lot when i was little. kimchee is a must with this noodles.

elmomonster said...

That looks good enough to eat even if I wasn't sick!

sarah said...


not sure if you are reading the package, but the actual Korean word on that package id jja-pa-ghetti.

you should mix the sauce with elbow macaroni and it would jja-pa-roni. LOL!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

i'm sure ja-pa-ghetti and ja-jjang-myeon differ by noodles used. you still get the same dehydrated veggies. mmmmmm.

Daily Gluttony said...


Mmm, tseukemono sounds good too!


I haven't tried their udon yet, but I have had their spicy "seafood" noodles and those are really good too! You're right $2.75 is a bit steep, but still cheaper that a lot of stuff out there!

It does always need something with either a spicier or sour kick to it, huh? Just not the same without it!


Try it, you'll like it!


LOL! I never knew it said "JAPAGHETTI"--ha ha--I love saying that "JAPAGHETTI" what a cute word! And "JAPARONI"??? Even funnier!

sarah said...

actually, i forgot, there IS another brand of the stuff called jja-jja-roni.

f**kin' koreans. LOL!