Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So What Brings You To These Parts?

If you have a website or blog, checking your website stats on a regular basis is great! Not only does it clue you in on where all your traffic is coming from, how often they visit, etc., but it's also good for some good laughs. In checking my keyword stats, that is, what keywords people are typing into search engines to get to my site, I've gotten MANY searchers wanting info just on "gluttony." Doesn't surprise me, but I wonder if it's one of the more popular seven deadly sins. I mean, I like it better than say, wrath or envy.

Then I had one the other day wanting to know more about "new girl scratch eyes out." Hmm, did they want to get more info on how to actually do it? It's easy. Just
do it like me and my coworkers did--no need to scratch the eyes out. If the new girl's got an eating disorder, just keep stuffing your face in front of her until she gets so sick she quits.

And I think the weirdest one of all is the visitor that found Daily Gluttony thinking they'd get to know more about their "burnt smelling pee." Um, to whomever performed that search, I may be able to enlighten you on
evil asparagus pee, but if it's burnt smelling pee you're wondering about, you might want to actually consider changing your diet.


Kirk said...

Pam - I'll come clean here - I first found your blog typing in asparagus pee smell, and lo' and behold!!!! the rest as they say - is history! I'm still waiting for the pho' # expose' BTW! LOL!

Daily Gluttony said...


so you're the one!!! ha ha just kidding! as long as it wasn't "BURNT smelling pee" you were looking for 'cuz then like I said, you'd need to change your diet, dude! LOL!

Eddie Lin said...

Howz about the keywords "tiny *bleep* lickers" or my most recent search keyword discovery for Deep End Dining - "gay c@ck morphed". Gay what? What morphed, who? Both of these will get you to Deep End Dining. Thank you very much.

yoony said...

how do you check your web stats?

Daily Gluttony said...


OK, stop writing about that kind of stuff already! Ha ha just kidding! OMG, that is so funny I couldn't stop laughing!


There are several free counters out there...all you need to do is register on their website and add some code to your site. A couple of popular ones are:




eatdrinknbmerry said...

i love asparagus to death. and i've never noticed the odor. everyone says so though. unsolved mysteries... that'll be the day when discovery does a special on it. actually, alton brown would too.

Kirk said...

Hey Pam - I think I know who did that search, Ha...LOL!

Daily Gluttony said...


you're right...sounds like something alton brown would do a show on! but dude, you've never noticed the asparagus thing???


is it...YOU??? ha ha LOL!

Christine D. said...

aww, i reset my sitemeter to use it on my new blog! i think i'll get a different site meter that can track multiple sites. speaking of pee, has anyone noticed how bad coffee pee smells??? is it just bad quality coffee, too much caffeine, or just me?!