Friday, August 19, 2005

For A Good Time...Search Chowhound!

Some guy named "Same Dude" put a post on Chowhound's Los Angeles Board today asking if anyone knew where he could get some tricks after his meal. Pretty funny thread that got a slew of responses ranging from the appalled to those egging him on to those wondering where on earth the Chowhound moderators were. Here's what the original post said:

"i'm new in town and love to eat good food. i will be dining in the hollywood area and am looking for a prostitute after a good meal to unwind. looks/race not an issue. Can anyone help."

He's prolly just some jerk looking to get a rise out of people, but what I think is even funnier is that it's been a good hour and the infamous Chowhound moderators haven't deleted this thread yet. Yesterday, I put up a couple of links to this blog in a post to try and help out a fellow hound with izakaya options and my post was deleted within like 30 minutes. I think that "Same Dude" is a Chowhound moderator.


Kirk said...

Awww man, I missed this one!! Would've made my day, bummer!

Anonymous said...

i saw that one and wondered too, "where's a moderator when you need one?"! they'll jump all over any chain restaurant reference in a heartbeat, but get a guy trollng for sex and not a moderator to be found. it made for some good laughs though. =)

Kirk said...

Hey critique what the local "rag" lists as their best restaurants and they're down your throat in a second, but looking for some nookie - they'll give you a couple of hours, eh???

Daily Gluttony said...

Hello Kirk and Anonymous,

So I didn't know if you saw the post Chowhound put up in response to this thread when they finally got to it entitled "Please Don't Feed The Trolls." The last sentence read something like "It sometimes takes us some time to get to deleting these posts, remember we have lives, too." Which just proves my point that Ssame Dude was a moderator. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think they deleted your posts? They seem delete some negative comments I make for no reason aside from the fact that the restaurant might be popular on their site. They also always complaing about money, but with their traffic they could make quite a bit with a few well placed ads. Somebody should do that site the right way. Maybe you!

LACheesemonger said...

hmm, Hi Pam; interesting topic. Just stopped by from my 'regular' thrill ride over at the DL, after Sarah linked to you in her latest post... 0 comments at this hour, shall I be her 1st ;) ? (not really very excited about that though, as she's had so many 1st's, hehe).

I really suspect, don't think any of the moderators at CHLA actually have 'lives' as it were. Maybe they are married, have children, etc; but their enormous egos keep them on CH boards nearly 24/7.

All you need to do is read their 'about us' style home page philosophy to understand that they are 1st and foremost in the extreme, duplicitous hypocrites---they certainly don't practice what they preach! Now they have the effrontery to put out CH Guides, by culling through and selecting usr posts. 'Because' CH usrs are some of the world's best critics and professional quality reviewers; LMAO for that elitist, self-aggrandizing ... doggy poop. Yeah, like 'russkar' is one great, unbiased sushi expert, lol. Says Nozawa is there at the wholesale market early in the morning before sunrise? Oh, I see; and 'russkar' never mentions that he sees any other sushi chefs down there. Nozawa's there all by himself, no other sushi restaurant gets the same freshness of product...oh sure ;) *cough* Reality Distortion Field *cough* . Yeah, right so the wholesale market only has just the right amount of truly fresh product for Nozawa and 3 or 4 more restaurants; everyone else that gets there 30min after the gates open... sorry, Nozawa was the earlybird who got all of the fresh worms. Russkar is a Nozawa shill, that probably always gets carte blanche treatment at that establishment for being a regular that spends mucho dinero. I see those kinds of wealthy winegeeks around the wine circles. They have more, much more; money than good taste.

Now I don't express that harsh criticism in my posts that get deleted (the latest was deleted ~2hrs after posting at 1AM...I fell asleep with the computer on, then had to pee 3hrs later, only to notice they had deleted my 1 page long post), but CHLA will delete anything that tends to show them in a bad light. Which means that if I have a long post of useful information, that contradicts accepted mindset by CHLA regular posters; think immature high-school cliques; then they are intimidated by logic, reason, and intelligent argument. I post that I smile at the amount of misinformation or wholly inaccurate information being passed off as the truth, 'authentic'/traditional on CHLA; and the masses there are "like lemmings".

Haha, their very existence, their own self-worth is then challenged...they can't handle the truth! More importantly they do not want any dialog on CHLA which would both expose the hypocrisy there, or the fact that they are not the 'true' authority on knowledgeable, informed reviews of restaurants.

In other words, don't rock the boat; succumb to the peer group's pressure or the CHLA mod's will delete your post for not being part of the 'group think'.

Anon @11:48AM said that they delete negative comments. Why of course they do. It's like how people use an defensive excuse. All these 'personal attacks'---translation, 'your stated unflattering and/or negative opinions offend my overly sensitive big ego... you bastard!'. Anything someone doesn't like expressed about them, is automatically asserted to be a 'personal attack'.

As to pam, well is it not obvious that the CHLA, the leader- Jeffie boy; are all males with self-esteem problems who look for CH as a way to bolster their egos? Ergo, tiny, thin, supa foin bod (you just know that those horndog mods clicked on Pam's profile :) ) Pam ...should be a stereotypical 'submissive'-restrained, nice Asian gal. Instead, they are challenged by such outwardly expressive character/substance, way too much sass and spunkiness for the sedate moderator's "moral" imperatives. Too intimidating for their chauvinistic attitudes.

Hell, I only read CHLA at most once or twice a month, it gets too boring at times. But then again, I don't eat out very often, so I sometimes don't even bother with CHLA for up to a year. The slant they allow from 'preferred' usrs; there is very little objectivity in moderating on that site. As soon as they see "LACheesemonger" in some thread, they are quick to read anything I've posted...hehe, the truth about the lack of truth on CHLA, very much intimidates their sensibilities and grand egos. CHLA is a entertainment/reality show put to text, it's a FANSITE; you don't go there to become educated and informed about the real truth of 'authentic'/traditional... you go to CHLA for popularity of the 'group think'.

Geez, was that a little harsh ;)

September 01, 2005 5:37 AM

Daily Gluttony said...

Well hello, LAcheesemonger...

dude, that was way too much to read this early in the morning. Point taken though.

Wait, are YOU "same dude"? ha ha

Anonymous said...

OH yeah, the moderators on CH are major assholes. This applies to every Board.

As soon as someone becomes a popular poster, one who others really look forward to reading and actually LISTEN to, the CH Nazi's will delete your posts.

You now pose a threat to their very existance.