Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Anyone For Chicken Balls?

Check these out.

After noticing that my home-brought romaine, red cabbage and gorgonzola salad was just not gonna cut it, I picked these up at my latest favorite snack shop,
Bhan Kanom Thai, to add some substance to my lunch.

According to the sign, they were simply called "Chicken Stuffed Tapioca Balls." Looking like little shiny eggs on a bed of lettuce in their plastic container, a pack of 7 of these little buggers set me back 2 and change.

Back at the office, I got ready to dig in. They have this white pearlescent "skin" with a slightly granular texture, a little reminiscent of rice paper wrappers on the Vietnamese spring rolls, goi cuon. I poked and prodded at one, then picked it up and squished it around in my fingers a little, and came to the conclusion that it feels kinda like a miniature version of a...well, never mind.

These "chicken balls" are fantastic though. Stuffed with a mixture of seasoned ground chicken, peanuts, minced radish and garlic, the little morsels are full of flavor and are just enough food to make the perfect snack! You can also use the green leaf lettuce, cilantro (phooey!), and green chiles that come in the package if you want. It even comes with a little cup of finely ground peanut and radish for dipping in case you need more flavor.

A bit of an odd compliment to a romaine, red cabbage and gorgonzola salad, these "chicken balls," but I liked 'em!

Bhan Kanom Thai
12714 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA 91605
(818) 255-3355


Kirk said...

Pam - I read this post and there's alot I could comment on. But I've decided to leave these "balls" alone.....I'm not going to "touch this one", no pun intended! ;o)

MEalCentric said...

Nothing like chicken balls and gorganzola cheese. BTW...Elmomonster and I have both tagged you for the most recent meme...the pressure is on!

Daily Gluttony said...


I knew I was gonna get some raised eyebrows with this one! But I couldn't think of any other way to describe 'em! ha ha


Yes it was quite an interesting combo--the pungent Thai flavors mixed with the sharp pungency of the gorgonzola. But it worked! And at least I ate em separately and didn't toss them into my salad. Now THAT would have been gross!

elmomonster said...

"Mmm...chicken balls." I'd give anything to have Homer say that on "The Simpsons".

Kirk said...

Actually, I'd love to hear Marge say that......

Daily Gluttony said...

elmo and kirk,

you guys are awful! hahahahahahaha