Wednesday, August 24, 2005

T.J.'s Taste Test, Part 7 of Many: Traditional Tiramisu

Trader Joe's wins the Daily Gluttony award for Best Prepackaged Foods In Reusable Packages.

I've already given props to their frozen
Cremes Brulees that come in a handy terra cotta ramekin you can reuse as a petri dish and their Dolmas in Olive Oil that come in a cool hexagonal jar you can reuse as a candle votive.

Packaged in a brown plastic container that's a cheaper, smaller version of a 70's casserole dish, Trader Joe's Traditional Tiramisu easily joins these ranks. Okay, so the container's a little flimsy, but it's got this neat-o lid with a handle that even snaps in place!

Advantage No. 1: It keeps the thaw-and-eat tiramisu inside moist while it's sitting in the fridge waiting for you to finish it. And it shouldn't be long before you finish it either, because for frozen tiramisu, it's not bad. A couple of layers of marscapone cheese amidst the espresso and marsala soaked sponge cake are cool and creamy. And surprisingly, its espresso and liqueur flavors do come through, though mildly. Trader Joes also added an artistic touch: this quick and easy dessert is topped with cocoa-powdered peaks, resembling little brown mountain tops in your new plastic container!

Advantage No. 2: Finish your tiramisu (and hopefully you liked it!), and you've got yourself a new plastic container, complete with lid, for storing whatever your little heart desires! A word of advice though: I wouldn't recommend putting it in the dishwasher or microwave.

It's not that cheap at about 6 bucks, but considering the gift with purchase, it gets my thumbs up. The only disadvantage: because you have to let it thaw, you can't eat it right when you get home!


MEalCentric said...

"The only disadvantage: because you have to let it thaw, you can't eat it right when you get home"-unless you get stuck in LA traffic

yoony said...

the tiramisu looks so good! i haven't actually bought any frozen dessert items from TJ (trying to be "good") but i will have to try that. dusted cocoa powder makes everything so pretty. plus i love reusable things!

Bandini said...

i love the reusable creme brulee bowls. I use them for skeet shooting in my backyard.

Daily Gluttony said...


You've got a point there!


Let me know what you think of it when you get around to trying it!


Skeet shooting??? Now that's one I've never thought about!

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