Saturday, December 10, 2005

Starve A Cold??? Bullshit.

I've got a cold.

The Daily Gluttony cure? Fuck Ny-Quil. That stuff tastes like shit. Gimmee some
Daikokuya to go and some Airborne tablets, and then a shot of whatever's in the liquor cabinet before bedtime. That'll fix it.

Oh and speaking of Airborne, we bought a "Kids Airborne" by mistake and I just noticed the math on the package illustration. 4=2??? No wonder everyone's sick and that poor kid looks confused. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be taking this stuff.


BoLA said...

Get better soon! Man...seems like everyone's sick. I'm trying to take as many vitamins as possible to keep it away from me. Not sure if it's helping...aiyah! Am planning to run to Rite Aid down the street for some Airborne. ;P

elmomonster said...

Never heard of Airborne before...if it weren't for the kiddie cartoons, it actually sounds illicit!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

if that were a japanese version of Airborne, then the incorrect math would be acceptable. if you guys have been on, you'll know that the english on the packaging rarely ever makes sense. haha.

sam said...

oh no! not sick! that sucks, pam. i hope you feel better! it is good that you are well enough to notice that the airborne math is... er... incomplete. as long as you don't use it in the new gig you should be fine.

Daily Gluttony said...


It's around this time of year that drug stores are sold out of this stuff, so hurry! Go now! (Actually, Trader Joes is a much better place to buy Airborne--it's cheaper!)


Yeah, when I first heard of this stuff, i wasn't sure either, but it actually does make you feel better!


I love me up!!!


This is all your fault!!! ha ha just kidding! I actually feel better today except for a PHAT headache I got from my first day at this new job!

Jessica said...

That is the best Sick Food. Second only to chicken soup at Greenblatt's or Canter's (sorry, a Jewish girl can't help it). I used to be anti-Nyquil but after the last cold I battled, I'm totally on board with that shit again. At least to help me sleep. Esp. on an airplane.

Daily Gluttony said...


Oooh, chicken soup sounds good too! But I guess J-town is closer for me so Daikokuya it is! (Or won ton noodle soup from Sam Woo!)

howie said...

I think the expression is "Feed a cold, starve a fever" so I think it's good that you're following your instincts and chowing down on ramen.

My new favorite sick food is rice porridge. I like the Vietnamese version with broken jasmine rice and fried shallots.

Hope you're feeling better...

Daily Gluttony said...


Oooh, porridge is a great cold remedy! It just sucks because I only like the homemade kind. I'm too sick and tired to make my own and my parents aren't here, so I guess I'm SOL!

Anonymous said...

The modulo of (8+6) in base 4 is 2.