Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Is This What My Life Has Become?...

...Sandwiches and salads for lunch at my desk?

No more going out for two hour lunches. *sigh* Well at least the sammich was good...proscuitto, provolone, and arugula on a grinder roll. The romaine, red cabbage and 'shroom salad was just OK 'cause I didn't like the dressing too much. Trader Joe's Red Wine Vinaigrette's got too many celery seeds in it, which I normally don't mind, but in this case, just didn't go.

Oh and I'm saving a ton of money during the week now too, which means I can afford to add on more sushi orders during the weekend. Wheeee!


elmomonster said...


You eat well even with a sack lunch. I'm too lazy to bring my lunch, and even if I did it would still be ramen or Banquet/Budget Gourmet frozen dinners...Kudos to you. You are a true Chowhound!

Kirk said...

Wow, you do make a great sandwich. Most of my home lunches are left overs from last night(week)? Of course I'm sure I'll be seeing a Sushi/Izakaya blow-out soon!

MEalCentric said...

Pam- I feel ya. I usually brown bag it too with a sammy or salads. The only options around my office are very tired- Daphne's, Quizno's, etc etc. I refuse to fork over $8 a day for mediocre food. Try stocking up an Vietnamese baguettes (hey, did I just make that up?) and then stuffing it with different goodies every day to keep it exciting. Seriously, go for the head cheese (uh..more head than cheese apparently), splash on some fish sauce and gross out your new coworkers.

But hey, its like you said, more $ in the bank to go big on the weekends. Though for me, that means more wine/booze at dinner. Wohoo!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

to meal's point about fish sauce... there's a sign posted over the microwave oven at work saying: "please be considerate of those that sit near the kitchen by shutting the door during lunch hour." i love fish sauce and use it in my stir fry/rice, but man, when you nuke anything that contains it, lates. to this day, i think that sign was posted by my company to my attention, and i still get those fake "oh what did you make? that looks delicious" from all the faculty. yeah right, stop lying. i know fish sauce stinks haha.

MEalCentric said...

Dylan! That totally reminds me of a partner at my old firm who would nuke his canned tuna. Oh man, I had the misfortune of having an office across from the lounge and the smell of microwaved tuna would drift into my office and make me want to yak!

Kirk said...

Hey MEalcentric - A guy in the office who is still on the Adkins nukes his canned tuna, and had the nerve to complain about the smell when I microwaved my laulau. Needless to say when I mentioned his "fish aerosol" he shut up. I also told him that I was bringing Filipino Food for the next week if he didn't shut his pie hole....

Daily Gluttony said...


You mean you're one of those guys that hogs up the microwave by heating up your frozen dinners??? Those things are like 10 minutes to heat up! ha ha just kidding!


OMG, I'm still laughing about the "fish aerosol" line--gross, but too funny!


True how all those "mediocre" chain places end up costing a fortune!!! And good call on the Vietnamese baguettes...prolly better and cheaper than the stuff bought at the supermarket!

Who the hell microwaves canned tuna???


Oh wait, it's YOU! ha ha just kidding! But you're not too far off w/ the fish sauce!