Monday, December 12, 2005

Change Sucks; Change In Plan Sucks Even More

Not knowing what the food situation is over at the new job, I had to go prepared.

Contents of my lunch bag today:
-1 turkey sandwich on a kaiser roll.
-1 baggie full of arugula to put in turkey sandwich.
-1 small tupperware container of romaine, red cabbage & mushroom salad
-1 small jar of red wine vinaigrette
-1 Fuji apple
-1 cheddar cheese stick
-1 blueberry bran muffin
-1 baggie full of Trader Joe's trek mix
-2 Quaker chewy oatmeal granola bars
-2 Nature Valley chewy trail mix bars

Yes sirree, I planned ahead didn't I??? But it didn't fucking matter because I had to go to a 3 1/2 hour meeting that lasted thru lunch in which they decided to order lunch (from El Pollo Loco--ew) which didn't arrive until after 2pm so I staaaaarved and then I ate. But not from my lunch bag. Which kind of makes me mad.

Other than that, everything went OK!


eatdrinknbmerry said...

Pam, that apple on the bottom right corner seriously looks like a krispy kreme donut. stop fooling us!!! haha.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

with the contents of your bag, i would've thought you were planning a hike to yosemite to see Half-Dome haha.

Daily Gluttony said...


Yes that was the pack as if I were to go on a hike--'cause I didn't know what was in store! But no, that is NOT a Krispy Kreme!!! LOL!

BoLA said...

Ooo... good luck on the new job! =) And yeah, I stash my snack drawer with lots of goodies!!! heehee!

yoony said...

congratulations on your new gig! i do a lot of lunch packing for work too bc we only have 30 minutes to eat and everything close to here sucks. sometimes i come in with a grocery bag full of stuff. but better to have good food around then be hungry and be stuck with fast food/vending machine!

Daily Gluttony said...


Yes, it's a must to have snacks around! Never know when a last minute mtg's gonna be called or if you have to stay late!


Thanks! Anything's better than the vending machines!