Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Here, Have A SARS Cookie...

I love that I spent all Sunday afternoon baking cookies, and that when I brought them to work yesterday as a nice holiday gesture, no one ate them. (OK, not NO one, but practically no one) I think people hate me.

I don't have cooties, I don't smell, and I don't have any open sores. I am a nice person and pretty easy to get along with. And I can openly say that the cookies--a trio of chocolate chip cookies, black and white cookies, and seven-layer bars--were decent. Not out of this world, but decent.

Today, I put them in a more visible place and they're almost all gone. Maybe rats ate them. Or maybe not. But at least they're being eaten and I can finally sleep again.


Adam said...

They would have disappeared in an instant in my office. With half of them finding their way into my belly. What are the layers in the 7-layer bars? I'm more familiar with the layers of the Taco Bell 7-Layer Burrito than a 7-layer bar cookie.

elmomonster said...

They'd disappear in a puff of smoke and the rapid patter of running feet if you put them here where I work.

We need co-workers like you!

~a~ said...

Same here. There is something about free food/snacks at my office that make my coworkers faces light up as though they haven't eaten in days.

LACheesemonger said...

"It's delicious Taisho"... It's delicious Pam ;-) (see my entry to your 'The Twelve Courses Of Omakase: Azami Sushi Cafe, West Hollywood', the link to 8min video Sarah's got up on her Slashfood entry).

I would have at least eaten more than my fair share of choc. chip cookies, unless they were truly awful. But are those blk/wh cookies made with Belgian Callebaut white & dark choc? Maybe if there was someway to make them into a Yin-Yang design?

Hmm, well I know it's holiday season, and these things are very popular this time of year; but maybe the new coworkers are just too shy about a new hire bringing in cookies right away? I'm sure once they get used to you cursing them out on a regular basis, they'll feel like you are more 'one of the gang'... Doh! ;) I mean, who could hate Pam with that oh so sassy 'tude? ;)

I'm thinking I have to make a rotating animated gif for my profile pic.; 7-layer Burrito from Taco Bell... I think I'm going to be sick *ewww*.

I think it's unanimous (except those who are painfully trying to keep their waistline from exploding) for the Daily Gluttony readers, they'd all love to have a coworker like Pam (so when are you going to bring in the kimchee???)... and that they'd not get as much work done either, lol ;).

BoLA said...

Ooo yes, can you work in my office too? =)

Daily Gluttony said...


7-Layer Bars consist of graham cracker crumbs, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, walnuts, condensed milk and coconut. Just to fuck w/ people, I should make bars out of the 7-layer burrito ingredients, put a layer of coconut on it and bake it.
That'll show 'em! LOL!


Gee thanks! See, I'm not that bad of a coworker!


Girl, so that I don't waste my time, I'll bring them over to your house next time!

LA Cheese,

I'm giving it a month of cushion before I start w/ the kimchee. I've only been here a week and a half! LOL!


Do you have any jobs? hee hee!

MEalCentric said...

People wont stop bringing in cookies to my office and I cant stop eating them. I just want the holidays to be over so I can expend my calorie consumption on something other than cookies. That being said, I would eat those 7 layer cookies in a second.

Sylvie said...

You must work with a lot of diet conscious people. Cookies don't last very long when I bring them in as I have a few big guys who would gobble them all down if i didn't hide them in an attempt for the other shifts to get a few.

Don't take it personal.

ALT said...


Just so you know, they went damn quick when Isaac brought some in here at our work. I thought you did a great job of making them-yummy. I more then ate my share.

Thanks!!!! :)

Daily Gluttony said...


Next time, I'll just send them to your office. Address? LOL!


In fact, that was the excuse that two of the girls gave me when I walked the plate over to them! I'm like, "It's the holidays! Have a little fun, ya know?"


At first I was like "WHO'S ALT?" But now I know! Gee thanks, I'm glad you guys liked them! Next time, they're all going over your way!