Friday, December 23, 2005

Hey, Am I One Of "His People"?

Aside from spending time with family, eating lots of great food,
baking cookies, and giving and receiving lots of presents, one of my favorite holiday traditions is stopping by a very familiar house in Hancock Park--you know, the one that looks like someone puked up white wrought iron and David statuettes--and taking pictures of its most gaudy front yard that's been turned into an even more gaudy (but festive!) winter wonderland. Those of you that live near or have gone by 3rd Street, a little west of Rossmore, ought to know which house I'm talking about.

Now this normally wouldn't have had anything to do with food, unless of course, I somehow incorporated our lovely house into some post where I was on my way to Koreatown to eat or shop or what have you. (Actually I think I was on the way to the Korean market that day!) But this year, my annual tradition does indeed have to do with food because this year, the owners of my favorite holiday house put something new up in addition to all the other normal acoutrements! This year, on the roof of the house, are the huge white block letters "FHP" with the words "Feed His People" written on them.

Feed His People??? I don't know exactly what you mean, but right on, brother...right on.

I hope all of you have a wonderful, joy- and food- filled holiday and a healthy and prosperous new year! See you next week after I get back from stuffing my face at home


BoLA said...

Hahah! I totally know which house you mean! ;) One of my annual Christmas time rituals too! Too funny! Dude...I can walk to this house! And grab a slice o'pizza to go on Larchmont! Happy Friday!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

OMFG, i haven't seen that house in like 4 years. that guy is shameless and in need of some "style" classes. what era does this guy think he lives in? was he living at the parthenon of greece in his past life? haha.

happy holidays pam.

Kirk said...

Happy Holidays Pam - Have a safe trip.

yoony said...

happy holidays pam! i pass this house by quite often but when i saw this it cracked me up. feed his people? wow, what a wacko! hehe, originality gone wrong. oh, so wrong.

Eddie Lin said...

I don't care what everyone else says, I love that guy's house!! I hear he has a purple car too. Dope!! All I know is next year his house will be my background for my Xmas photocard. Who wants to be on my list?

~a~ said...

Love it! So fkn hilarious!