Saturday, July 09, 2005

Not Even Tacos Are Exempt From Inflation: Tacos Mexico

All this for $2.55!

Gone are the days of 300,000 houses, gas that costs less than 2 bucks a gallon, and 50 cent tacos. The last time I ate at Tacos Mexico about three years ago, the tacos cost only 50 cents each. As with everything else in Los Angeles, tacos, too, have become less affordable. Today, at 85 cents each--a 70% increase, they're still dirt cheap to me, but only because I have more purchasing power than I did three years ago. A house, however, I cannot seem to afford anymore even after several jumps in pay. Go figure.

Fortunately, the tacos at Tacos Mexico were still a good bang for the buck, and worth every bit of 85 cents. The tacos are tiny, served on two layers soft corn tortillas the size of drink coasters, but are packed with flavor. The carnitas in my two carnitas tacos were tender but crispy at the edges, and marked with the pungency of salt and oil that all good carnitas should have. A tangy salsa verde helped to lend some kick. My al pastor taco consisted of marinated grilled pork doused in a smoky red chile sauce. The carnitas were my favorite, but the al pastor were good nevertheless. I questioned the sanitary-ness of the "help-yourself" spicy marinated carrots & jalapenos, sliced radishes and lime wedges they had next to the cashier, but filled a little plastic baggie with some anyway. They didn't do me any justice...the carrots were a little soggy.

For 85 cents, you can also get tacos with carne asada, pollo, cabeza (beef head meat), lengua (beef tongue), or buche (pork maws). Back in Tacos Mexico's 50 cent days, one used to also be able to get tacos with tripitas (beef tripe) but it seems they (and many other taco establishments) have taken it off the menu because of some Mad Cow thing. Tacos Mexico's solution was an easy one--simply put duct tape over where it used to be on the menu board. Classy.

For even more money, like two to three bucks or something, you can also get burritos or tortas filled with the same choice of ingredients that go into the tacos. But I never get those. Too expensive--I'm trying to save for a house!

Tacos Mexico
3660 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 480-9394

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted t say that I LOVE Tacos Mexico. I grew up in L.A, and moved to Minnesota about three years ago, and they don't have anything even close to Tacos Mexico out here :(. I recently visited my friends back in L.A, and I had Tacos Mexico almost every day (and gained about 5 pounds!). I think I would actually consider moving back to L.A just for the tacos... I think I'm obsessed. I mean my god, I freakin googled Tacos Mexico and found this sight...shame..shame..