Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I Was Never Really Good At Word Problems

On my daily phone calls to my parents (I know, I'm SUCH a good daughter, right?), they love to ask me 1) if I'd eaten yet and 2) what I'd eaten. Since it was my birthday recently and coworkers, friends, Isaac and such have made a big hoo-ha about taking me out, I have been eating out a little more than usual, and definitely more than I'll usually admit to them. However, it has somehow stuck in my parents' heads that I eat out ALL the time.

So this weekend, when I went home I got a lecture that I eat out too much.

Them: (in Chinese) How many meals do you eat out per week?
Me: (in English) Um, like three. (Lie. Try doubling that)
Them: Ai-yaaah! That's too much. That's almost half the week! Don't eat out so much.

Hmm, I thought we Chinese were supposed to be good at math??? (OK sorry, that was mean.) Unless a week in the lunar calendar only consists of three or four days, in which I would have consumed almost half of my meals eating out. (Breakfast not included) But I doubt it, so maybe they caught me. Aaah, foiled again!

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