Sunday, May 06, 2007

Does "Quarterly Gluttony" Have The Same Ring?

Look at me, I'm all growed up now.

I was just a wee caterpillar, but over the last three months, I wanted so badly to turn into a butterfly.

Only I would have turned into an old, fat, poor butterfly real soon if I didn't watch it. Because in the last three months:

Number One: The Gluttony Family, including our very dear
gastro-gnome George, moved into our new home in Alhambra. Being a homeowner is great; not being able to spend as much on food as we did in our renting days is not.

Number Two: I've gained weight.

There, I said it.

Not a ton, maybe somewhere in the vicinity of 5-7 pounds. Enough to make my jeans feel really snug and enough to make me thankful that the babydoll and tunic trend is back in full force.

I am therefore officially on a budget and a diet. I don't really have a set plan; I don't believe in gimmick diets where you're suddenly not allowed to eat any one form of food (Cut all bananas from your diet and lose ten pounds in as little as three weeks!) so I'm relying on the tried and true method of eat less and exercise more, while at the same time treating myself to new restaurants or full-on calorie-packed recipes on the weekend so that I don't shrivel up and die. As things start to settle down and as I have a little more time to dedicate to blogging (with emphasis on the word little--I'm still really busy you know), I'm hoping that you'll follow me on my spending-less-while-eating-healthier path.

If not you can fuck off.

See you soon.


Christine D. said...

I don't like those gimmicks either. Eating less and exercising more is definitely the best and healthiest method, in my opinion. I lost 2-3 pounds this past week just by doing so! You'll get rid of those 5-7 pounds in no time.

Sleeping more will help too. It'll restore more of your metabolism.

Eddie Lin said...

FINALLY, you bitch.

hi, issac.

Anne said...

The bitch is BACK;)-!! You funny. I'm pretty much in the same boat you are...trying to eat less, exercise more and totally gorge myself on weekends (just kidding......sorta). This 95 degree weather is makin' me nervous.......these arms aren't ready to see sunlight yet!

Looking forward to your posts!

Chubbypanda said...

Captain, my captain! I'll follow you!

BoLA said...

It's DG! Congrats again on the house! Do I hear a housewarming potluck soon??? Missed ya!

Daily Gluttony said...


I'm definitely down for the more sleep part! LOL! You're right: eating less & exercising more is the best plan--it's been 2-3 weeks since I started this deal and my clothes are already feeling looser. Woohooo!


Hey, don't be calling Isaac no bitch, Bitch! hahaha! It's nice to at least be writing something I feel like I can really hang with all you regular writing peeps.


I have you & Jeni to thank for getting me back to writing again...*hugs!* I know whatcha mean about the 95 degree weather, but like I said it's a good thing babydoll tops are everywhere!


It's good to know that there are alot of yall wanting to at least read about healthier gluttony. It makes it alot easier. =)


Aww, I miss you too girl! I wish you & MS coulda come to the mushaversary! We're planning on having something this summer, definitely after we buy our new grill. We'll probably be doing a viewing party for Eddie's Huell episodes! I'll definitely let you know! =)

Oishii Eats said...

Finally found that stupid router huh! We missed you. D and I are on our "gotto look hawt for summer" diet as well. I need to fit into my jeans without the hideous muffin top handles!!! I've been enjoying my runs around the resevoir, but holding out on Yuca burgers has been hard on both of us.

Aside from the healthy living, let us know when you're free for K-bbq. MMMMMM worthy weight gain!

KirkK said...

Hey DG - Congrats on the new home!!! Does George have his own room now? We missed you so very much.

Eddie Lin said...


me n' huell are on this friday at 730pm (05/11). this time we chew on pig ears!

Daily Gluttony said...


But you guys are HAWT! =)

Actually, I never found the stupid router. I've been blogging from my desk, tho' I made Isaac move it next to the window so it's more pleasant. I am SO up for more K food, but when we do go, I have to make sure I go on a liquid diet the whole rest of the week. ;)


Thanks! Yes, George does have his own room--it's the window ledge in the kitchen. Very fitting for a gastro-gnome.


We are SO there. Channel 28, yes? I'll be sure to tivo it for whenever I decide to throw your viewing party.

H. C. said...

Haha, scaling down seems like a trend amongst us food bloggers. I'm working on moving more, eating less as well. Thankfully, also gives me an opportunity to catch up on all my recipe & dining out backlog.

Welcome back!

elmomonster said...

The prodigal DG returns! Congrats on the house. I'm green with envy. Looking forward to more of your irreverence and unblanked out f words.

glutster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
glutster said...

I dread this day every single moment of my life, it will truly be a sad, sad day for me. But in the meantime, i'll continue to polish my plates and finish dessert's meant for two!

thanks for commenting, reall does mean a lot.
(i have nothing compared to you guy's!)

Daily Gluttony said...


yaaay! it's very comforting to know that other food lovers are in the same boat! =)


Fuckin-A...Thanks! LOL!


Oh yeah, you're only like 17 huh? If only I could have that metabolism again *sigh*

Keep up the good work on the blog!

Sarah Gemba said...

Pam!! Been hittin' up your blog every now and then and wondering what you been up to...welcome back and don't worry, we all like to eat our way out of our skinny jeans now and again...

Daily Gluttony said...

SARITA DAHLING!!! hey there sweetie! how are you? even though i've moved on to other (newlywed) things, i miss you hottie knotties so much! how are the wedding plans? pls. tell everyone on DW i said hello! =)

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