Monday, January 09, 2006

Rants And Craves: Random Thoughts In The Life Of Daily Gluttony

So yo, today I didn't eat anything eventful nor anything that I haven't already told you about already. Therefore, I've decided to keep it short and sweet by giving you one rant (because I can't live without complaining) and one crave from my most recent food-revolved life.


Dearest coworkers,

If you really can't make up your mind about the exclusive after-work dinner plans that you're making, then either a) shut up and respect the fact that your non-included coworker is sitting right there about to stuff her ears with pencil erasers because your loud conversation about shitty, trendy restaurants is annoying the crap out of her or b) do not use
Citysearch to help you find a good restaurant.

By the way, do not take this as a hint that I want to hang out with you, because I don't. Your idea of a good restaurant obviously sucks ass; I cannot, therefore, ever be friends with you.



This weekend, we went to Costco where the parking lot was a madhouse as always. There was a huge crowd of cars, signals blinking right or left, waiting to get into this space or that space. We drove forward, and noticed that a car was pulling out but that none of the cars waiting had signaled for that space, so we pulled into it naturally. When we got out of the car, some fat, farmer-tanned middle aged guy with a southern twang, kind of reminiscent of Hank Hill from King of The Hill, started yelling at us that he'd been waiting there and that we'd stolen his parking space. "Huh?" I said, somewhat dazed that someone was yelling at us, because yes, perhaps he was waiting back there, but he had not signalled for that space. "DON'T SAY HUH. YOU STOLE MY PARKING SPACE," yelled Hank. Instead of throwing down, we just got back in the car and gave him his space. You know why? Because we had just come from lunch at
Skaf's Lebanese Grill, served by lovable owner Sam Skaf, and were happy as clams, ready to make love, not war.


LACheesemonger said...

Oh man Pam, you crack me up so much ;). Give the coworkers a little time to grow on you. Well alright, maybe they won't grow on you, but you should chill a bit, and maybe you can learn to tolerate them, it can't be that bad. And well city search isn't super reliable, but what would you suggest they use... friggin CHLA? Where Mr. Taster tells you that his fluent in Mandarin g/f asks the waiter at a Chinese restaurant (like he knows the waiter is from where?, Taiwan where they speak Mandarin, or Ghangzhou where they speak Cantonese, the friggin dip-shiitake?) about black tea flavored with jasmine, and the waiter tells her that the 'foreigners' (aka American dip-shits) like that. Well hot damn, the dumb f**k, doesn't know jack shit (and neither does his g/f) when he says after that experience, he's avoided ordering jasmine scented black tea for Dim Sum service. I mean so what if the ignorant dumb fook doesn't know shit, right? So what if the standard black tea in Cantonese dim sum restaurants in friggin Canton for hundreds of years, is in fact that black jasmine scented tea. And so what if my post telling the dip-shiitake got deleted (Ok, I was much nicer and did not rant like this, but they still deleted it because they can't handle the truth on CHLA).

Yeah, so I hate all those friggin dip shits at Costco, or any other parking area who don't signal their intentions. Of course you signal when you come up to a spot before someone else, to cross on a 90 degree angle, yet some asshole comes up from the opposite direction, ignores your signal, and then insists that they take that space...and you want to nuke their car. But oh well, I usually go to Costco, at times when I can get a space, either early or late.

Still if we're on ranting, seeing that I just did 45 min of cycling (cause DL reading is getting me way too porky, lol it's all Sarah's fault, and also she deleted my 2nd post to the Eggnog/French Toast entry and now I'm back to my crying, rejected Korean guy look...and if anyone wants a copy of that post you can e-mail me @ I though it was one of my best, and silliest posts; but oh well, must have been too 'controversial' for DL ;).

Yeah, and I know 'Pam likes to watch'...TV that is. A bit of TV; so before I did a bit of cycling to burn off 1/10th of the excess calories I consumed 1hr prior to that (from that 15% alc. Mazzocco Zin); I was eating & drink while absolutely crying/dying from laughter watching the premiere of the 30min ABC comedy @9PM Monday night, called "Sarah's Reasons, 'Why Not'"? Oh no, that's not right, it was called "Emily's Reason's Why Not". Alright some people don't think that much of Heather Grahmn's work in the Austin Powers movie, but she's the exec producer of this series, and it's from a woman's point of view, and it just too funny. Korean-American actress, Smith Cho; plays a conniving be-otch co-worker. I have no idea if next week's episode will be as good, but I have to watch.

And also, I mentioned it before here (or was it DL?); but now there is this insanely constant amount of Carl's Jr. TV ads on Channel 9 & Channel 7; with that guy friggin fondling/massaging that friggin cow. I swear, it's soooo indecent, so perverted; gawd damn!!! None of my posts have ever been that bad; how do they get away with airing it??? :).

Oh yeah, almost forgot, one of my last post to the DL (yeah, I'm leaving soon); the Mori Sushi update...before the end of this weekend. Big size (highly compressed though) pic's of takeout sushi from Kiriko and Shibucho; which I've sort of put off, cause my meme of Mori, involves my birthday in 2001 and Chinese New Years, and my mother being diagnosed with lung cancer 2 weeks prior.

Keep the faith with your dad; and I agree, never miss those few moments you can have even the smallest little enjoyment with family and loved ones, soon those opportunities will be gone forever. "Don't eat to live. Live to eat." Ahmen.

Daily Gluttony said...

Hey LAC,

Thanks for the thoughts re: my dad!

OK, so I was a little pissy yesterday. But no, I will not chill out. Not because I'm being a big baby and "oh, no one likes me" but because I really, truly want them to shut up. It's more so the noise factor, just like the fact that I'm about to pull a gat out on the loudspeaker over my desk that plays KOST 103.5 all day. You try concentrating hard on work you have to do (esp stuff you don't get all the way 'cause you're new) and listening to "Oooh, how about this place?"..."Um, nooo, it's not TRENDY enough." If you're gonna bother me with your chatter, then at least talk about good places. Puh-lease.

yoony said...

i hate it when people do that! 1)talk rudely about plans in front of people that are not invited; 2) state that they know which restaurants are good when they don't know anything about food; 3) loves and only knows trendy places. i get super annoyed. and i fully admit i'm not an expert cook, restaurant critic, food and wine connoiseur and don't claim it either. just interested and learning.

you are correct to be annoyed. if i worked there with you, we would have loud daily conversations about people who are food-ignorant, lusty over being trendy, and think they're the shit bc they have a little money to spend [but doesn't have good taste to spend it on something worthy]. maybe they would shut up for once and try to be more humble about their lack of taste and knowledge.

on the other hand, at my work there isn't anyone annoying me with their jabber but at the same time no one really to share my interest in food with.

Daily Gluttony said...


See! I knew someone would understand!!!! LOL! Unlike my last job, seems like there's slim pickins here of people to have good food chat with. But thank goodness for our food blogging community where I'll always have an outlet to discuss/read about good food!!!

~a~ said...

Note on coworkers: It's better than hearing "my boyfriend this, my boyfriend that..." every friggen day.

Note on the guy who accused you of stealing his parking spot: I would have shoved a banana in his tail pipe just like Eddie Murphy did in Beverly Hills Cop. My motto is if he really had to park there, then the jerk can stay there!

Passionate Eater said...

Glad to hear you didn't succumb to the road rage at Costco. As for your co-workers, it's their loss. You are way out of their league when it comes looks, intelligence, and especially, knowing where to nab good eats.

BoLA said...

Hahha. Road rage. I have unfortunately learned about this from one of my colleagues at roll down the window and scream profanities at ignorant drivers. One time, I followed this ridiculous blonde who cut me and another car off in the parking lot of The Grove to where she parked, honked, and waited til she was getting out of her car so that she could hear me as I rolled down my window and told that Biatch to Learn how to Friggin' Drive! heehee! So *kudos* to you for all your cool. ;)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Your workplace plays KOST music? What, do you work in a dentist's office or something? haha.

To you and BoLA, so much animosity in this posting haha. Everyone just needs a hug. Poor Kristy, coming from Michigan... sucks that you have to endure such bullshit traffic, even in a FREAKING Costco parking lot filled with SUV's. I don't even bother with Costco because its exhausting - going there is a journey.

Fortunately, I work in WestHo and there are tons of great places to eat here and around the fairfax/3rd area. Even with horribly named restaurants like PHObulous, the food is still pretty decent. But I do get annoyed by the coworkers that frequent Urth Caffe because it's sceney.

And to Yoony's point, if the THREE of us worked together we would:

(1) take 3 hour lunches and traverse as far as 20 miles just to checkout a new joint someone just blogged about.
(2) look like fobs while we simultaneously take photos of our lunch
(3) never get anything done at work because we only have 5 hours left of the day from the 3 hour lunch
(4) flip a coin to see who gets to write about the 3 hour lunch

Funny post as usual, Pam!

Daily Gluttony said...


I'm tempted to go over to them and say "My boyfried is going to kick your asses if you don't shut up."

LOL about the banana in the tailpipe! I haven't watched that movie in ages! And the good thing is that at Costco, you can buy a whole bunch of those bananas!


Aw, thanks! Had we not eaten at Skafs though and been grouchy, we woulda thrown down for sure!!!


Don't you hate people that don't have "parking lot etiquette"??? And geez, the biatch WAITED to hear you??? That's psycho!


No, I don't work at a dentists office, though I think I'd rather hear the sounds of drills than their stuck-up chatter. But then again, maybe not.

If all of us food bloggers worked in the same place, it'd be damn scary. We'd never get any work done!

Girl in a Whirl said...

So rude! I have a coworker who does that, but what's worse she comes and asks me for recipes and or food advice for dinner parties she doesn't invite me to.

Love your blog.

elmomonster said...

True story. We were in line to get our receipts marked while exiting Costco. Then this lady behind accuses us of cutting when she had been behind us all that time. She glared at us and said "EXCUSE ME! You were BEHIND ME!"

Seeing as the line moved fast, I said "Be my guest" and waved her forward.

She saved, literally 2 seconds!

After I got my receipt marked exactly 1 second after her, I yelled to her "HEY, hope you don't waste that extra second you saved!"

Some people just have an over-inflated sense of entitlement, even if they're wrong. Karma's going to bite them in the ass one of these days!

Daily Gluttony said...

Girl In A Whirl,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Some people have nerve huh?


Good for you! And yes, karma is a bitch!

Anonymous said...

what fun it is to read your "reviews" and "rants". i am wondering as someone who has only accidentally stumbled into your there room for one more lunatic who enjoys good food; animals; movies--some, not all; music; and a whole host of other hijinkery, in your life? i realize that i don't fit the demographic of your group exactly.

i'm newly divorced and looking to expand my seemingly endless horizons. therefore, i feel like i am starting my life over again at age...let's put it this way: i was married 20 years.

but, i am young at heart and mind, most of the time. i'm not asking to be weird. i'm just asking because i really find your blog site fun; as an immediate result of reading your blogs, i now want to check out many of the places you've written about; and mind you, i have lived in the los angeles area most of my adult life and didn't know about a bunch of these places before reading about them on your blog; and i need to figure out what to do with the rest of my so-called life.

thanks for considering an "old-ster"; and of course, your highly entertaining prose.