Thursday, January 05, 2006

Making Friends Or Making Enemies?

Either I'm starting to be more comfortable with things over here at the new office or I really hate everyone. Because today, for the first time since I started, I brought a container of nice, pungent kimchee to go with my lunch.


Passionate Eater said...

Pam, they deserve to smell "putrid-ness" for not wolfing down your delicious cookies. Let the smell of the kimchee be a lesson to your co-workers that "hell hath no fury like a Pam scorned." Plus, smelling kimchee ain't all that bad. At least it wasn't stinky tofu.

sarah said...

i love it.

you should keep the container open on your desk all day long. potpourri. ;)

Daily Gluttony said...


Thanks for having my back!!! Yeah, who needs 'em anyway? Actually, the people I cate lunch w/ that day were either all Asian or had eaten kimchee before, so they didn't mind!


Potpourri!!! ha ha I love it!!!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Pamela, i need to shoot a photo of this sign at my work posted above the microwave oven about nuking 'flavorful' food. I KNOW it's directed at me. Sometimes when i'm using the microwave, this one woman would come over and give me the eye and shut the door. Could she be more obvious?

elmomonster said...

Dylan and Pam,

I can relate to co-workers complaining about emanating food smells. People say things about what my Indian colleagues heat up in the microwave. While they pinch their nose as they walk by, I find their food smells great! And it makes my mouth water.

Daily Gluttony said...


Yeah, you know you're bringing "stinky tofu" to work! ha ha! You have to take a pic of that sign! I say take her to HR for "Food Discrimination"!


I'm the same--those kinds of food smells make my mouth water too!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

On my last day of work, i'm going out like a bomb. I'm going to leave a jar of kimchee, taiwanese stinky tofu and thai shrimp paste on her desk with a note saying:


Sorry about that, i couldn't contain myself.

For me, Indian food is the new hunger aphrodisiac -- such unique, foreign smells. Can't wait to buy all the ingredients for Indian food.

NuttinButGlutton said...


I would replace the sign saying "Flavorful Food Only"

Bring on the sign war.

Eddie Lin said...


If you brought kim chee to work, I would be your bestest friend. and if you brought soju to work, i'd be your... i'd better stop here.


I have three jars in my fridge filled. I make kimchee soups for my friends, and all the white kids love that ish. werd

Daily Gluttony said...


Yeah, bee-YOTCH!

Hey, I'm right there behind ya!


Aww hell yeah. And if Dylan does the sign war, he'd better take pics so all of us can see! ha ha


Kimchee and soju at work? Hmm, that's an HR issue right there. LOL!


I'd love to put that ISH in the fridge here. See what people say. That'd be so much fun!

LACheesemonger said...

Already Pam, I thought you said you were going to wait a month (I hope I didn't plant the seed in you, was I a bad influence ;) ?).

Funny thing I did recently, put some gift smoked swordfish? into the MW oven, on HIGH (stupid mistake); and it did what fish normally does when heated too quickly... exploded. Not that much really, but damned if it did not stink up the inside (much soap, Boraxo, etc wipes to no avail) something fierce. Your kimchi looks pretty nice, but we need to have a contest for the stinkiest, and spiciest homemade kimchi (wonder if Sarah's mom's version would win?).

Still it's almost unbelievable how long that smoked swordfish stunk up the inside of the MW. In fact, a week later I was running it, and than fan was blowing out the air from the inside, and it still smells/stinks to high-heaven like the damn thing is having a nuclear melt down/imminent fire...really bizarre cause it didn't taste all that strong (well ok, I put it into tortillas, wrapped with shredded lettuce, cheese, pepper and what not, and it was still pretty strong ;) ).

Yeah, if you ever leave that place of employment, put a piece of smoked fish in the microwave your last day and turn it on high power for 10 minutes, lol.