Thursday, March 16, 2006

Four-Play: Four Things Meme, L.A. Style

Should I even be participating in this "unlucky number" game? Well, I'm not that superstitious, so here goes:

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life In L.A.:
1) UCLA dorm cafeteria worker--pure slavery. How dare they put a petite 5'3" girl on "pots duty" by herself? Fuckers.
2) Retail Bitch
3) Information Systems Lackey
4) Merchandise Planning Ho

Four Movies About LA I Could Watch Over And Over:
1) Swingers
2) L.A. Story
3) Clueless
4) Go

Four Places I've Lived All Over L.A.
1) Westwood--when it was still happening and Contempo Casuals was in the Eurochow dome
2) Culver City/Palms
3) Koreatown--aah, how I miss the sound of the tamale lady and the produce truck
4) Downtown--cool, but not as cool as everyone thinks

Four LA-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch:
1) Six Feet Under
2) Curb Your Enthusiasm
3) Beverly Hills 90210 (shut up, you know you watched it too)
4) Three's Company (so what if the Regal Beagle didn't really exist?)

Four Places I Would Vacation At In LA:
1) Are you kidding me???

Four L.A. Based Websites I Visit Daily/Frequently:
Franklin Avenue
2) The mouthwatering food blogs on my blogroll
Los Anjealous
4) Go Fug Yourself (not necessarily LA based, but its about fugly celebs so it's gotta be at least 90% LA, right?)

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In LA:
1) Daikoku Ramen and gyoza at
Daikokuya, Little Tokyo
2) Hummus and cabbage salad at
Skaf's Lebanese Grill in North Hollywood
3) Diddy Riese cookies in Westwood
4) Chinese broccoli w/ crispy pork belly at
Swan Thai, North Hollywood

Four Places In LA I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1) Back in the Valley having lunch with my old work chums.
2) At UCLA, if I were learning. I miss academia.
3) Anywhere near the water as long as it's clean and not crowded.
4) My house.

I think everyone's already been tagged for this, so I'm leaving that alone. Thanks Yoony of
immaeatchu for tagging me!


Passionate Eater said...

I love it Pam! Thank you for sharing very fun facts about yourself in the meme. However, as a UCLA alum, I have to ask... Which dining hall was it? I pray to the good lord above that you didn't have to work at Dykstra.

Also, your mention of Diddy Riese cookies totally brings me back to Westwood. However, I am one of those weirdos who "doesn't" like Diddy Riese cookies--because it contributed to my weight gain of over 20lbs in college.

Colleen Cuisine said...

Great blog Pam!
Another UCLA alum here... my crappy UCLA job was "weight room manager" at the Wooden Center. Yes, little 110 lb me re-racking dozens of 45 lb. weights a day. I guess it helped me burn off the Diddy Reese calories!

rick james said...

in a perfect world, i would be at the Regal Beagle, in bail bottoms having a rum and coke with larry, oogling hot blonde chicks with Farah Fawcett Haircuts...

Daily Gluttony said...


Why yes, it was Dykstra. 1990-91. I was "forced" to work in the kitchen b/c that was the year that half of the dorms were closed for seismic reconstruction and they didn't have enough dorms to go to all the freshmen. So they said you work in the kitchen, you get a dorm. And I fell for it. =P


Thanks! Yay, another Bruin! Yup, the kitchen job helped me burn off plenty of Diddy Riese calories too!


And then you would go back and kick it with Janet & Chrissy and Mr. Roper would come by to give you a hard time.