Friday, September 16, 2005

Monte Carlo/Pinocchio's, Part 1: How Cannolis Can Make Or Break You

Can you tell which is which? Read on...

Because I have watched too much TV and read way too much fiction in my lifetime, I have entered my sick world of make-believe once again.

What I thought up this time is that if I ever have to bring a gift to a mafia don who's done favors for me and my cronies, I'd go pick up cannolis at Burbank's Monte Carlo Market and adjoining Pinocchio Italian deli. I've seen it a million times on mob shows like the
Sopranos where one of the goons brings in a box of 'em for the boss. Yeah, yeah, I see it on TV, so it's gotta work.

Anyways, Monte Carlo's got two kinds: a "regular" kind for a buck ninety-nine each, and an imported Sicilian kind for three ninety-nine. Buy the boss a box of the regular kind and you're likely not to get any kind of large-scale protection in return. In fact, depending on what kind of mood he's in, he just might whack you. The fried outer shell is crispy and the mostlikely domestic cow ricotta filling is light in texture, but it's bland and tastes like nothing, and I mean nothing. There's also no chocolate or candied fruit to be found either. Plain as plain can be.

Now buy the boss a box of the imported Sicilian kind, made with sheep's milk ricotta, and the boss is all yours. Crunchy yet airy, its shell gives way to a ricotta filling that's sweet yet tangy, light yet luscious. To make things even more interesting, a thin layer of chocolate lays between the shell and the filling and a couple of thin slices of candied nectarines flank each end of the tubular treats. Yes, this is the stuff that will get you a share of the big bucks; this kinda stuff will get you the bada bing.

Monte Carlo Market/Pinocchio Deli
3103 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 845-3517


MEalCentric said...

you crack me up. But now you got me wondering when does Sapranos start again

Jay said...

Great post!

Love your blog, by the way. I'm new to LA (well, been here for about a year and a half, exiled to the suburbs but now trying to extricate myself) and your blog is invaluable for the likes of me wanting to get to know the city by its cuisines.


elmomonster said...

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

BoLA said...

Elmo! Love the line from the GawdFawtha...heheh! (And reference to it in "You've Got Mail").

Pam: Cannolis...mmm...I had a girlfriend who used to make them for me from scratch! Maybe I should try my hand at em...

Jay: Welcome to Los Angeles! :)

Andre Hortman said...

Very nice. Keep up the good work.