Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Don't Forget Your 5 Servings A Day!

I just realized that I never ate any fruits or vegetables today. Everything I ate was either meat or carbs. That sucks.


BoLA said...

funny. i had lots of veggies today. hardly any protein. green beans, cucumbers, and a salad for dinner. will probably grab a few berries from the fridge for a snack later tonight. lol. ;)

Kirk said...

Die monster, die......If you only knew that nothing I ate today had the faintest color of green.......

Daily Gluttony said...


I'm so ashaaaaamed....ha ha!


OK, now I don't feel so bad now! =P

sarah said...

girl, you get it without even knowing...this is how i do it:

ketchup (tomatoes)
salsa (tomatoes and other stuff, too!)
wine (grapes)
vodka (potatoes)
vodka with fruit juice mixer

i mean, come on now.

Daily Gluttony said...


Oh yeah...I DID have jarred tomato sauce on my spaghetti! OK, so I don't have to feel so bad about myself! LOL!

LACheesemonger said...

Humorous irreverant entry I assume. That being said, I wouldn't exactly call DL's eating habits healthy, lol! Vodka gets alcohol distilled from potatoes, which are not even considered a veggie, they are a startch. But if you miss your 5-12 servings one day, just make up for it on another day. It's your long term average consumption that relates to over-all health, not daily amounts.

see my later comments on the Hlly frm, mkt, for 'adult candy' Kyoho grapes(last/week day of the season for these; though you might find them for expensive price at the K-town central market place?) :


Given her food pr0n tendencies, I kind of expect Sarah to get her greens this way:

Chia greens, lol

I'll change the profile avatar soon ;)

LACheesemonger said...

Opps, forgot this link:

Hardvard School of Public Health rec's