Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pittsburg 21, Seattle 10--The Kimchi Bokum-Bap Wins

Some people have hot wings, pizza and beer for their Super Bowl Sunday. Me? I go to California Market in K-town and order a to go box full of kimchi-bokumbap (kimchi fried rice) for the big game. With my purchases in my shopping cart ready to leave the market, I stopped at the little food stall located right across from the checkstands. The stand was pretty busy with other diners lunching on udon, california rolls, jap chae, and whatever else was on the stand's short menu. "One kimchi bokum-bap," I called out to the lady behind the counter, who immediately asked me something in Korean. She seemed a little annoyed that I didn't understand "For here or to go" in Korean, but called out to the Latina lady in the back ("Kimchi rice!") to cook my order up immediately. Five minutes and six dollars later, I had a hot steamy bag of goodies ready to take home with me.

I'm normally not a sports fan--I'm more of what you call an in-the-moment sports fan. I don't follow any teams regularly, but I can get really into one if I'm in the stands watching, if it's a big event, or if I have any kind of money on it like I do every Super Bowl--I won 500 bucks last year, suckas!

It wasn't the best kimchi bokum-bap I've ever had, but it was still pretty good. I looooved the one at this place called KoRaeSom on 4th and Vermont that has closed down since my college days; it was probably the only decent thing on their menu and they made it with Spam. I make a pretty decent one too, but being short on time before kickoff, California Market's would have to do. It tasted good--pungent and salty with kimchi and bits of beef and topped with two fried eggs. I only wish there were a little bit more kimchi and not as much green onion. My meal also came with a tasty soup made of some obviously MSG-laden seafood broth, scallions, seaweed and fried tofu, and a cup full of bright yellow taekwon pickles--funky and delicious. By the end of the game, Isaac and I had managed to grazed through everything along with some other snacks too.

Today's game and commercials were hella boring, and my square didn't even come close to any payout (unless you count the fact that my numbers were Seattle 1, Pittsburg reversals count?), so needless to say, my kimchi bokum-bap was the most exciting part of my Super Bowl Sunday.
Once again, California Market saves the day.

California Market
450 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90020


Passionate Eater said...

I know what you mean about the Super Bowl--it wasn't that impressive this year.

However, it was exciting to see Mick Jagger trying his own attempt for "Janet Jackson-like exposure." I'm referring to the multiple times he revealed his belly in his skin-tight, sequined rock star tee-shirt.

At least there was some redeeming value in the Super Bowl--your California Market food.

Kirk said...

Hi Pam - Sounds like a good meal in spite of a "boring" game! Too bad there wasn't spam involved, then it would've been a winner! ;o)

Daily Gluttony said...


LOL on the Mick Jagger comment! Those guys are walking corpses.


Yeah, somehow, kimchi bokum-bap and spam just go together!

rick james said...

wow.. kimchee rice for a superbowl... sounds very healthy...

i guess i've grown accustomed to the ritual of destroying my body by taking in excessive fat and grease from chips, dips, fried chicken and chili over a 3 hour sitting and seeing how my arteries react...... think i ate more cause the game was so crappy...

well...i still feel pretty gross....same as last year..... some things just don't change

rick james said...

BTW... pam... MVP, Superbowl Xtra Large... Hines Ward... uuuummm.. he's Korean

you psychic freak! LOL! ;)

Daily Gluttony said...


I didn't know Hines Ward was Korean! Last time I checked he was...something else!

I guess I am psychic! LOL!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Pam, yes the game and commercials sucked. I didn't see Mick Jagger perform. I don't care for the dead in leather haha.

Did you get hit up with flyers at Kaju Market??? haha.

wangkon936 said...

Nice site Pam. Hines Ward is 1/2 Korean and Black. On his right arm is his name in Korean tatooed.

Just out of couriosity. Are you Korean?