Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fry Daddy: Koromaru at Marukai Pacific Square, Gardena

So now that it's
The Year of The Dog, or 2006, or whatever you wanna call it, I do have a couple of resolutions. First, I need to save more money. This will hopefully be done by cutting down on unnecessary purchases like designer jeans and earrings. On the other hand, it will also be done by investing in useful tools that will hopefully help me with the second resolution of eating at home more. Third, I need to go on a fitness and diet regimen to slim and tone me up for my upcoming wedding. OK, so I'm not fat but I still want to lose a few pounds. Think I'm crazy? Try telling that to any bride.

I was out in the South Bay one sunny Saturday afternoon trying on wedding dresses coincidentally, and with one swift blow, I broke all three of my resolutions. It was lunchtime and since I was out, there was no way I could have kept the first two. The third, however, is a different story. Yeah, I could have bought some lean turkey on whole wheat or maybe some sushi, but instead, I drove my ass over to the
Marukai Pacific Square food court and stuffed my face with a menchi katsu sandwich from Koromaru. (What??? Trying on wedding dresses all morning takes alot of work!)

The first thing I noticed when I first laid eyes on Koromaru was that all of the fake plastic food in its display case weren't just any fake plastic food, but that they were all fake plastic deep fried foods...deep fried cutlets, deep fried croquettes, deep fried stuff on name it, they can probably deep fry it.

Looks good enough to eat!

At Koromaru, you can get as elaborate as a bento box consisting of a deep fried something, such as chicken karaage, pork loin and tenderloin tonkatsu, or a combination of deep fried somethings, plus rice and salad all for under 8 bucks. Or you can go as simple as a deep fried squid stick or a deep fried lotus root stick for a buck and change. They've got a variety of croquettes ranging from butter corn to curry to vegetable, which you can even have sandwich style in the form of a "croquette dog" for just under 4 dollars.

Today I chose a menchi katsu sandwich made with deep fried ground meat patties as it was the easiest thing to eat in the car. (Quit yer bitching...I have not
relapsed into anti-eating alone-hood, Marukai Pacific Square has very limited seating!) It took awhile to prepare, but man, it was worth the wait! It was sort of like eating a deep fried meatloaf sandwich only better. The ground meat was seasoned well with onions and spices and was enveloped by a perfectly fried outer shell. The cutlets sat between refreshing shredded cabbage and slices of thick white sandwich bread that were lightly slathered with mayo and drizzed with tonkatsu sauce. This sandwich kicked ass.

Today I am on The Menchi Katsu Diet

But it will not help me lose any weight. Eh, for a good sandwich I won't stress out over it...there's always tomorrow, right?

Koromaru at the Marukai Pacific Square Foodcourt
1620 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 538-1126


BoLA said...

What? No Beard Papa's for dessert? ;)

Passionate Eater said...

Don't worry about too much Pam, you will burn off plenty of calories running around department stores with the registry gun, trying on miscellaneous wedding outfits, and corralling up your bridesmaids and delegating them responsibilities. Whew! Don't forget about bargaining with the stationary lady, photographer, and the deejay!

Plus, that sandwich was technically "healthy" because I saw a glimpse of what might be some sort of "vegetable." Thus, everything is justified here! Carry on Pam.

elmomonster said...

Why, that looks like a deep fried hamburger! AWESOME!

Kirk said...

mmmmm Menchi Katsu!!!! delici-yoso!!! That's about all I can say...unless you want me to keep repeating , mmmmm Menchi Katsu.....

eatdrinknbmerry said...

That looks really delicious. I love looking at the fake food displays at japanese places. I'm always like "how the hell did they make that look so real???" I'd love to work for the company that manufactures plastic food. do you think they could ever replicate a perfect bowl of shin sen gumi or daikokuya ramen?

Daily Gluttony said...


Don't trip. If the line had been shorter...well, you know.


Yay! I'm glad to see you back!!! Hope you're feeling better! And yes, I should just carry on!


Deep fried hamburger is alright by me!


It WAS delici-yoso!


If I worked at a fake plastic food factory, I'd wanna eat the fake plastic food!

MEalCentric said...

I am so torn about Japanese markets. When you're trying to eat healthy, they got nothing for you. I work close to Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa and sometimes I end up there for lunch. The only options are carbo load noodles or deep fried everything. Dont get me wrong, it tastes great (and the plastic fake food makes your mouth water and give in), but not if you're trying to be healthy. I wonder why Mitsuwa doesnt have sushi in the food court? I guess you could go into the market and buy a pack but you'd figure there would be a stand for it as well. I've yet to figure out Japanese culture

eatdrinknbmerry said...

For your wedding, i'm getting you a fake plastic replica of Daikokuya ramen. It'll make a great centerpiece on your coffee table or fireplace haha.