Saturday, May 14, 2005

As Seen On TV

I am going to buy one of those ridiculous Betty Crocker Bake N'Fill cake pans just so I can fuck with people. Imagine bringing a lavishly decorated Bake N'Fill cake to the office. You could decorate it like an Easter hat, or a baseball, or a watermelon, just like on the commercial. All the overweight nosey office ladies and your faaaavorite company kiss-asses would be gathered around as you prepare to share your creation, saying in their most sickening sugary voices, "Oh, that's lovely! That looks just like the one on TV!" And then you would cut it only to reveal that you filled your wonderful epicurean masterpiece with...


Or ketchup.

Or gummi worms.

Or salmon mousse.

Or rice.

Oh just think of the possibilities!


DrIRH said...

My Mum once did somthing very similar. Whilst preparing my 9th birthday cake she inadvertantly used BBQ sauce instead of jam (poor eyesight), for the filling between the two sponges. The discovery was made when my school-chums tasted their slices during the party. How we laughed...

MEalCentric said...

You're GENUIS!! What about Playdo?

Anonymous said...

Why does the link to the "Betty Crocker Bake N'Fill Cake Pan" go to some chick's wedding album?

Daily Gluttony said...

OOOPS! i guess i had something else on my clipboard when i first created that link. anyways, it's fixed now. thanks for the heads up.

Peeved Michelle said...

My step-dad does something similar to his appallingly stupid sister nearly every year. At Christmas he always makes chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. Each year he makes a couple that are a little bigger than all the rest, knowing that his sister will go straight for those. Every year she bites into a chocolate-covered fish ball.

sarah said...

peeved michelle - that is the funniest thing i've read all day! LOL!

and i see the stupidest inventions on tv for food and cooking. do you know who cathy mitchell is?!?! she has this half ladle half stainer thing. wow. life-changing. *rolleyes* LOL!

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