Monday, October 02, 2006

Aloha...I'm back!

I'm back, bitches...married, tan, and very, very bloated.

My new husband and I spent the last half of September in paradise, basking in the sun, frolicking in the water, eating some very ono grindz and watching gorgeous sunsets every evening.

But now I am back home in Los Angeles.

From this.... this.

As I was driving home on Washington Boulevard from an extremely difficult first week back at work the other day, I watched the sun set. Like the sunsets we witnessed in Hawaii, rich hues of periwinkle, lavender, orange and gold danced with one another to form the most interesting marbled patterns in the sky. Unlike Hawaii, however, there were no palm trees, golden sands or sparking waters in the foreground. No, what I saw in front of this sunset on my drive through Vernon, CA, that evening were "El Cucuy de la MaƱana" billboards, power lines, railroad yards and big rigs. This sunset was formed out of the smog particles that had saturated the air, which by the way, thanks to the Farmer John plant in the area, also smelled like rancid cat food.

I have decided, therefore, that I need to find a way to pack up and move to Hawaii, and I figure there are three ways in which I can achieve this goal:

a) Think up an ingenious business plan involving some way to lure in and gimmick tourists.

b) Live a modest lifestyle with whatever life savings I already have and work at Starbucks in order to get a 401K and health insurance.

c) Whore out my analytical skills--there's gotta be someone over there who is in need of some in depth business analysis.

Or I can just shut the fuck up and enjoy my life in L.A. And maybe just have a vacation home in Hawaii. Is that better?

Anyways, folks, I'm glad to be back...have you missed me??? Look for new posts detailing my Hawaiian food (and other!) adventures over the next couple of weeks.

Much aloha,


Professor Salt said...

Welcome home, Mrs. Gluttony. Allow me to be first to call you that.

Looking forward to your island reports.

Chubbypanda said...

Welcome back.

- Chubbypanda

Kirk said...

Hi Pam - Welcome back, I really missed you! I look forward to your upcoming posts...and BTW, congrats...I guess I need to call you Missus Gluttony, now. LOL!

elmomonster said...

Welcome home! And congrats! Lookin' forward to seeing more posts. I echo the others that the food blogging scene wasn't quite the same without you!

unrepeatable said...

YAY!!!! I'm so glad you are back!!

Christine D. said...

Welcome back!

Colleen Cuisine said...

YAY - Welcome back MRS Gluttony! It was such a nice surprise to check my blogroll and see that you had a new post... We missed you SO MUCH!
Can't wait to hear about all your adventures (in the meantime, I've been rereading your gnome posts to tide me over). See you soon!
- Rosie

Passionate Eater said...

Living without Daily Gluttony was literally like living without food...And I'm starving for new posts! Congratulations Missus and Mister Gluttony!

~ Wayne said...

Welcome back and congratulations.

Sounds like a roller coaster of a year for you. Please take care of yourself.

In the meantime, just think of how many more restaurants there are in LA compared to the entire state of Hawaii

sarah said...

welcome back!

BoLA said...

Yes! Welcome back!!! You were missed!!!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Hi Pam, glad to see you back. Party time in one week!!! You can also hope to win the lottery for tactic #4.

Jeni said...

HAAAAAAY! I'm glad our DG is back. I missed you so much!!! We're goin to miss you tonight, but I'm sure you'll make it up at your Wedding Party! Miss you miss you miss you!!!

misty said...

As a newly married person who also honeymooned in Hawaii (Oahu, to be exact), I know how you're feeling. Had to go from paradise to LA--its a depressing let down.

WB and Gratz!

Daily Gluttony said...

Awww, thanks for all the warm welcomes everybody! I feel so loved!