Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fight The Power

Ever since my friend Sam sent me this link the other day, I have felt a newly found sense of empowerment. I thought I was alone in my disgust, but come to find out that there are others, in fact, who are just like me:

"What kind of culinary fascism is this?" -Roving Thundercloud, Portland, OR

"I had the immediate sensation of licking a 9 volt battery" -Rob, Buffalo, NY

"People will say, 'There's cilantro in this? I can't tell, I can't taste it.' That's akin, in my opinion to stating, 'My arm is on fire? Hmm, I can't feel it.' " -Anonymous

"Though I hate cilantro I can acknowledge, but not condone, its existance in culinary dishes of such countries such as Thailand, Mexico, Spain and India to name a few. However, under no circumstances whatsoever should cilantro ever be found in Japanese food. It was such an instance at a local restaurant that I found cilantro in my miso soup. Is nothing sacred?" -Pandora, Austin, TX

If you are anything like me, I urge you--please join to support the fight against this vile weed.

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unrepeatable said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

i loooooooove cilantro. but it does not belong in miso soup. ever. that's just ridiculous.

jackt said...

Funny thing about coriander is that those who enjoy it hardly smell it, while those who dislike it often find the smell overpowering. I read somewhere that we now believe this to be a genetic trait.

Daily Gluttony said...


At least you and the girls were always understanding when I asked if we could have the cilantro on the side! Sometimes when I ask for no cilantro, people look at me as if I had just killed their mothers.


Yes, I believe it is a genetic trait. And those of us who cannot stand it have inherited more advanced tastebuds and are therefore, more intelligent human beings. LOL!

grace said...

jackt, is this a genetic trait? maybe my genes have transformed over time because i used to HATE cilantro due to the smell, but now i love cilantro. i must be mutating.

rick james said...

i like this conversation!!!

food, genetics, mutations... like it!

i vote for genetics!

my cuz hates cilantro and raw celery... would be interesting to hear how many cilantro haters also hate the smell of raw celery...

jackt said...

how about a dg survey haha. can all cilantro smellers also roll their tongues? maybe they're related. i can't smell cilantro and i can't roll my tongue.

Christine D. said...

Haha i don't think there's a correlation between the cilantro and tongue rolling. I love cilantro, but can't roll my tongue if my life depended on it. Maybe if my mouth was puckered, but i can't roll it normally.

Kirk said...

Ha - Add evolution to the conversation...I hated it growing-up, when we used to call it Chinese Parsley! But, an awesome bowl of soup my Uncle made cured me, and I've evolved to enjoy Cilantro! I always smell the Cilantro before purchase, I want it really pungent. I also find the milder versions sometime taste like soap???

BoLA said...

Hahaha...I like cilantro with my Mexican and Indian foods. But I don't really enjoy the smell all that much. Nor do like them in my sandwiches. I also don't like raw celery's taste either. I can only eat them with tons 'o peanut butta and little raisins. muhaha. And yes, I can roll my tongue too. ;)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

cilantro in miso soup - no.

cilantro in vietnamese, chinese and other southeast asian noodle soups - yes.

like everyone, i hated it growing up but adore it. it's a must in any of my soup noodles.

~a~ said...

Pam, you crack me up. You gonna write about scallions next? I know you hate those too.

And what crack smokin fool puts cilantro in miso soup? I love cilantro but even I have my boundries....

Simon said...

Thanks for speaking out. You've given me the courage to take a stand of my own.

Daily Gluttony said...


i don't think mine will ever mutate; i can't imagine ever liking this stuff.


hmm, it's definitely not related to celery w/ me. i love celery.


nope. try again. i can smell cilantro and i can't roll my tongue.


all this tongue rolling correlation is giving me a headache...LOL!


Hmm, interesting that you say the milder versions taste like soap to you. all of it tastes like soap to me...whether strong or mild.


I hate it when I forget to ask for no cilantro in my bahn disappointing!


I think there was a cilantro garnish on our buta kakuni (braised pork belly) at Musha the other night--but does that classify as Chinese or Japanese?


oooh, scallions and cilantro aren't even in the same league. i don't like raw scallions sometimes cause they overpower my food, but truth is i do cook with them cause i like the flavor. i would never do that with cilantro!


Yes! Take a stand! Speak out for what you believe in!!!

Eddie Lin said...

cilantro, coriander, chinese parsley, whatever you call it - i LOVE the vile weed. i wish my lawn was covered by it instead of the really vile weeds i have now. and i can smell cilantro. i love the smell too. but, of course, i eat stuff like, eh, "stinky tofu". oh well, alone again, naturally. try cilantro with 1000 year-old egg, sesame oil and soy sauce. srumdelioumptious!!

Anonymous said...

25 years ago, I moved here from Wisconsin. I tried to have an open palate, and appreciate the flavors of my new home, but cilantro tasted like SOAP! gack!
A few years later I happened to have my first carnitas taco at a place near Broadway and the 5 ...
I swear a light shone down from heaven and I saw the true awesome-ness that is cilantro. It is now something I cannot live without. But definitely not in miso soup.

besmirchpink said...

YES! Fight the good fight. The stuff is just nastly. I hate the smell and flavor and my mother swears it gives her migraines. Do you know the Coral Tree cafe has a "Chinese Chicken Salad" with CILANTRO on it? And, unfortunately a pomegranate dressing as opposed to the usual sesame-based one. Ugh.

On a side note, I do like celery, scallions and parsley. Cilantro is just so offensive to me...

Those noodles look delish. I'm going to have to head over to K-town...

Amanda said...

I once worked at a restaurant where i had to pick cilantro leaves in my spare time (wretched), and as soon as i would start on this task the over-whelming smelll would bring on a violent head-ache (and if i hadn't eaten, stomach-ache). It has been years since that job, and after forcing myself to see the positives in cilantro, I am now too a fan. But i certainly understand everyone out there that finds it disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I keep having headaches and I'm beginning to wonder if cilantro is causing them. I love mexican food so it will be awful if I find out that is what's causing the headaches.

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